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What can you say about korea


Jan 29, 2024
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What is special about Korea?

It’s one of the biggest economies in the world

After China and Japan, South Korea is the third biggest in Asia and also the seventh largest exporter in the world, with its top products being integrated circuits (including computers, phones and other electronics) and cars.

Why do you love visiting Korea?

It’s many reasons why South Korea is such beautiful country. It’s its mountains, oceans, temples and people that make South Korea to one of the most beautiful countries in Asia. In addition to that – Koreans are one of the world’s most beautiful people!

Why do I love South Korea essay?

South korea i love korea because the place is full of fresh air and the street is so clean, the people here are so fresh and they have a smile on their face. They are healthy and have a beautiful glowing skin because they preserve the trees and look after them.

Why is South Korea so amazing?

Known for the exotic cuisine and world-class technology, South Korea comes under the category of developed countries that has approximately more than 50 million residents and has a chiefly mountainous terrain. The country is known as the regional power and also as a global head in technological and industrial sectors.

Why South Korea is so popular?

Since the turn of the 21st century, South Korea has emerged as a major exporter of popular culture and tourism, aspects which have become a significant part of its burgeoning economy. … K-dramas have attracted attention for their fashion, style and culture all over the world.

Why do you like Seoul?

Seoul is riding a wave of creativity. From fashion to food, architecture to art, the city has become a creative haven for those looking to make their mark. … Temples and skyscrapers mingle across the city while acclaimed chefs fuse bygone dishes with tasty new trends in South Korea’s famed cuisine.

How will I introduce South Korea?

South Korea is a country in Eastern Asia occupying the southern half of the Korean Peninsula. It borders the Sea of Japan, the Yellow Sea, and North Korea. … South Korea has a mixed economic system which includes a variety of private freedom, combined with centralized economic planning and government regulation.

What kind of language is Korean?


The Korean language is part of a northern Asian language known as Altaic, that includes Turkish, Mongolian and Japanese, suggesting early Northern migrations and trade. Korean was also heavily influenced by Chinese, but have adopted its own writing system in the 16th century.

What is Korean culture?

Korean culture is deeply influenced by the Buddhism as Buddhism has become inherent aspect of the Korea culture, including the secular Korean traditions followed by the non-Buddhist Koreans. … As a result, many people outside of the practicing population are deeply influenced by these traditions.

Who is the most famous in Korea 2020?


1BTSBoy band
2Hyun-jin RyuBaseball player
3BlackpinkGirl group
4Son Heung-minFootballer

What is the Korea?

Korea is a region in East Asia. Since 1945, it has been divided between two countries at or near the 38th parallel, North Korea (the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) and South Korea (the Republic of Korea). Korea consists of the Korean Peninsula, Jeju Island, and several minor islands near the peninsula.

What Koreans speak BTS?

Korean fluently, obviously. A lot of the members can speak Japanese very well and they have released exclusively Japanese albums. Jin and J-Hope can speak good Chinese and RM can speak English.

Does BTS speak native Korean?

Jin and J-Hope of BTS can speak Chinese

That includes Jin and J-Hope, who, according to, are pretty fluent in the language. Some fans on Quora pointed out that J-Hope is confident in his Japanese, as well, speaking during multiple interviews from 2017 through 2018.

Where does BTS live now?

BTS currently live together in a luxurious apartment in Hannam THE HILL, Hannam Dong, Seoul.

Where is BTS originally from?

Seoul, South Korea


Can BTS come to my birthday?

BTS fans are known for throwing extravagant birthday celebrations for the members. Unfortunately, when it comes to fan birthdays, the BTS members can’t attend individual parties.

What does BTS apartment look like?

How can I meet BTS?

Guide: 6 ways to see BTS in real life

  1. Go to a concert. …
  2. Attend a fan meeting/signing. …
  3. Get a spot in music award shows/interviews. …
  4. Be at the airport. …
  5. Move to Korea. …

Does BTS drink alcohol?

Being that all the members are now over 21 years old, (the youngest member, Jungkook, being born on Sept. 1, 1997), it comes as no surprise to fans that the boys in BTS drink alcohol. Drinking is a big part of Korean culture and according to For Travelista, the legal drinking age there is 19 years old.

Do BTS like India?

BTS hasn’t visited India yet but they enjoy a huge fanbase here. New Delhi: BTS enjoys massive popularity in India. The members of Indian BTS ARMY have repeatedly expressed their love for the K-pop septet. Recently, BTS member RM interacted with a number of fans on social media.

Did BTS perform in India?

Mumbai: BTS boys – Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook enjoy a massive fan following in India, but have never visited the country due to the coronavirus pandemic. … On Sunday, BTS boys rocked the world as they performed their hit songs on the Global Citizen stage.

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