What Can My Kids Do in the Kitchen? Kitchen Activities for Kids

What Can My Kids Do in the Kitchen?: What Kids Can Do In the Kitchen at What Age

Kitchen Activities for Kids, Ages 3-5

Pour, dump, stir, sprinkle.  They can help get out the equipment you need – spoons, measuring cups, bowls (nothing heavy or sharp).

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Kitchen Activities for Kids, Ages 5-7

More of the above, with less assistance from you.  Maybe start cutting soft items like avocado, with a kid-safe plastic serrated knife.  There are some good ones on the market, made just for this purpose, sharp enough to cut food, gentle enough not to cut little fingers, from companies like Zyliss and Curious Chef. Kneading bread, rolling dough, brushing olive oil, cutting out cookies.  They can start to weigh in on how much of a spice to add, what herbs might be fun to try in various dishes.

How to Cut Avocados

Kitchen Activities for Kids, Ages 7-9

Even more of the above, and measuring, frosting, decorating.  Don’t forget to talk about some math concepts, like fractions and multiplication, while you are measuring.  Have them help read the recipe, and clarify any terms that are unfamiliar.  Talk about the chemistry that is involved with cooking and baking (and if you’re not up to speed on all of it, let your kid take the lead in looking it up online or in a book.  What happens when baking soda is added to a recipe?  What is the difference between unsweetened chocolate and semi-sweet chocolate?)

And encourage them to start thinking about the presentation; thinking about how things look on the plate, and how to make them as appealing as possible is something some kids find extremely engaging.

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Kitchen Activities for Kids, Ages 9-12

At this point they may be ready to start using a real knife (begin with very soft foods, like butter or a banana, since the knife is less likely to slip).  They may also be ready to get in front of a stove.  Height is a factor here; if your child stands on a step stool near a stove, make very sure it’s secure.  Never leave a kid along in front of a stove, not for a minute, especially if they are on a stool.

Show them how to position the handle of a pan away from them, so they won’t bump it, and to never ever look away from what they are doing.  And let them take the lead on a recipe, and you play sous chef.  Thinking about the order of steps, how long the preparation will take.

Pan Sauce Chicken / Mia / Katie Workman / themom100.com

Kitchen Clean Up with Kids

And, no matter what age they are, enlist their help when it comes time for clean up.  It’s part of the deal, and the earlier that is understood, the happier you’ll be. I can still remember my mother lifting up the toaster oven to find the pile of crumbs I had brushed underneath.

What Can My Kids Do in the Kitchen? Kitchen Activities for Kids

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