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What are some character traits of ismene


Jan 29, 2024
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What specific characteristics does the use of Ismene as a foil character?

Antigone to Ismene

In a sense, Antigone and Ismene are foils. While Antigone demonstrates power and control over her own fate, Ismene shows weakness and the inability to take her life into her own hands. Ismene, unlike her sister, constantly gives in to the stronger wills around her.

What are some character traits of Antigone?

She is strong, passionate, and full of love; sometimes to a fault; she feels a heaviness of duty to her family name and to the Gods, and to her, they are one and the same; fearless and thoughtful, takes risks, and is quick to judge; empowered by her defiance, she is proud, sensitive, and open, which gives her a …

What does Ismene represent in Antigone?

Both Ismene and Antigone represent filial duty in Oedipus at Colonus, but Ismene takes the less heroic role. Unlike Antigone, Ismene, it seems, has a nearly normal, stable life. She does not serve her father’s needs or share his danger daily, as does Antigone.

Is Ismene a weak character?

Ismene And Haimon of Sophocles’ Antigone

Ismene, although weak and timid, is in the story to illustrate that Antigone is capable of being loved. “We are only women, We cannot fight with men, Antigone” (Sophocles 881).

What personality traits make Ismene an effective foil for Antigone?

The personality traits that make Ismene an effective foil for Antigone is her timidity and her sense of civic duty.

How is Ismene different from Antigone?

The main difference between Antigone ‘s and Ismene ‘s personalities is that Antigone is bold, independent, and according to Ismene, “fiery” (Sophocles 689), while Ismene is timid and submissive. Ismene can be considered submissive because she complied with the civil laws.

Is Ismene a tragic hero?

Ismene’s great fall from nobility, her mistake of not helping her sister bury Polynices, and the great suffering she has to endure after having to watch her sister die are some characteristics of a tragic hero, although she does not quite fit the part because these are mostly cause her father’s curse; she does not …

Is Ismene a coward?

Examples in Antigone

Shows how important family loyalty was to certain characters. Ismene was a coward and family wasn’t that important. Antigone wasn’t a coward and family was very important which is why she went to bury her brother even though Ismene wouldn’t help her.

What is Ismene loyal to?

#1 Antigone is a strong-willed individual with a high sense of love and loyalty to her family; Ismene is loyal to the laws of the king and is fearful.

How does haemon’s character change throughout the play?

Haemon had to choose between remaining loyal to his father or his bride to be. … While the play still ends with Antigone’s death, Haemon does end up changing his father’s mind, even if it’s too late. Unfortunately for Haemon, he takes his own life, unable to reconcile his conflict.

Does Ismene have moral integrity?

It shows Ismene cares about her family and wants everyone to be happy. She is a compassionate character. Ismene finally stands up to her uncle, showing that she is a brave character that has integrity and emotional strength.

What happened to Ismene?

The 7th-century BC poet Mimnermus accounts that Ismene was murdered by Tydeus, one of the Seven. In this account, Ismene and her lover Theoclymenus met outside of the city during the siege. Tydeus had been told their whereabouts by Athena, and apprehended Ismene while Theoclymenus escaped.

What does Ismene look like?

Blonde, full-figured, and radiantly beautiful, the laughing, talkative Ismene is the good girl of the family. She is reasonable and understands her place, bowing to Creon’s edict and attempting to dissuade Antigone from her act of rebellion. As in Sophocles’ play, she is Antigone’s foil.

What is Haemon’s argument?

Haemon’s argument: Haemon wants to save Antigone because he loves her, and he and others of the city believe that her crime should be forgiven. Haemon believes that while the king should be obeyed, he should also listen to the wisdom of others and know when to compromise.

What are Haemon’s values?

Haemon prioritizes people’s feelings. He therefore considers love and stop suffering important. Creon, instead, he stays stubborn to his refusal to bury Polinyces, and care about pain and suffering among his people.

Is Ismene still alive?

Ismene does not die in the play Antigone, but is one of the few key characters to survive. The three characters who die are Antigone, Haemon, and…

Why does Ismene tell her sister you are mad?

but they both died in the end. what order has creon given regarding polynieces’ body? why does ismene tell her sister, “you are mad”? … they provide detail about the battle of eteocles and polyneices.

What does the name Ismene mean?


The name Ismene is primarily a female name of Greek origin that means Knowledgeable. In Greek mythology, Ismene is the daughter of Oedipus and Jocasta and the sister of Antigone.

How is Ismene fearful?

Ismene is fearful of breaking the law and facing death; however, she is not fearful of any punishment that may occur after death as a result of her disrespecting the gods.

Who is Ismene married to?



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Is Ismene older than Antigone?

Ismene is Antigone’s younger sister. She too is a loyal sibling, but she’s more cautious than Antigone, and fears the consequences of defying their uncle Creon. Eteocles is the brother of Antigone, Ismene and Polyneices.

What are Ismene’s views on burying her brother?

Ismene is scared to bury her brother, because she does not want to disobey Creon or the law. Ismene’s behavior is shadowed by the fact that an angry Creon sets out to capture Antigone and Ismene, and eliminate the two sisters.

Which character speaks these lines Ismene?

Antigone speaks to her sister, Ismene, early in Antigone. Ismene has just told Antigone that she must refuse Antigone’s request to help bury their brother because she must obey Creon.

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