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“Weak storyline and plot” – Linda Ikeji tackles the producers of Coming to America


Jan 29, 2024
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Popular Nigerian blogger and entrepreneur Linda Ikeji has shared her opinion on the newly released Hollywood blockbuster Coming 2 America and it’s one that might raise eyebrows.

Coming 2 America was finally released some days ago as it was premiered in Cinema across the globe and Nigeria was not left out.

Top personalities in all walks of life graced the event and many have shared their thoughts on the movie which is still trending.

However, Linda Ikeji who has never been shy in voicing out her displeasure is note pleased with what she saw as she noted that the movie has a weak storyline and plot.

Linda Ikeji noted that the movie is not close to a classic as she rates it 3/10.

She tweeted:

Coming 2 I doubt any big studio was behind it. Looks like something Eddy Murphy raised little money for and called his comedy friends to join. Locations at Rick Ross home &Tyler Perry studio. Weak storyline & plot. A good laugh but nothing close to the classic. 3/10

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