Types of ticks in pa

What ticks carry Lyme disease in PA?

Significance. Lyme disease can cause mild to severe illness in humans. It is common in Pennsylvania, particularly in areas where the Ixodes (black-legged ticks or deer ticks) are abundant. If left untreated, the illness can progress to serious conditions involving the joints, heart, and nervous system.

What is the most common tick in PA?

Distribution: Dermacentor variabilis is found in the east- ern two-thirds of the United States from Nova Scotia to the Gulf Coast. It is the most commonly encountered tick in Pennsylvania and occurs in most counties. Hosts: The immature stages are frequently found on small rodents such as meadow mice.

How do you identify a deer tick?

To identify a female deer tick, look for a reddish-brown body and a black shield on its back. Its mouth parts are long and thin, and there are no festoons present along the abdomen. The Tick Research Lab of Pennsylvania is able to detect the most common tick-borne diseases in any of these species.

What’s the difference between a deer tick and a regular tick?

Both deer and wood ticks have U-shaped backs, but the big difference can be seen in the coloring of their lower back region. A deer tick’s lower back is red while a wood tick has a black lower back.

What does a tick bite look like after a week?

In about half the cases, the spots turn red or purple after about a week. Southern tick-associated rash illness: With STARI, you get a rash just like Lyme disease: a red bull’s-eye with the bite in the center.

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