Types of cabinet latches

What is a touch latch?

Overview. Best results are achieved when the touch latch is installed directly behind where the door will be touched (pushed) to open. This touch latch is invisible from the outside of the door. When you use a touch latch no other hardware (knob, pull, latch) is needed on your door giving it a clean look.

What is a Cabinet catch?

When the cabinet door is touched just over the latch, a spring pops the door open enough so the lip can be grabbed and the door pulled open. A touch latch also has a magnet to hold the door in place when it is closed. A magnetic catch is similar to the touch latch, except it has no spring.

What is a magnetic cabinet catch?

The Precision Concealed Magnetic Door catch is recessed into the head jamb and the top edge of the door on the strike side. The more metal plates used leads to a smaller gap between the head jamb and top of the door and in return make the holding power stronger. Therefore, the catch can accommodate heavier doors.

Types of cabinet latches

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