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Trippie Redd and Playboi Carti Connect for New Song “Miss The Rage”



After floating around online, the rock star tandem of Trippie Redd and Playboi Carti have delivered their track “Miss The Rage.”

Trippie shared news of the collaboration on his Instagram, teasing the cover art. The two artists play off each other’s energy on “Miss The Rage” with Trippie even adopting some of Carti’s adlibs as they ping-pong between verses. The song sounds like a perfect mesh of aesthetics that both artists used on their last albums, Neon Shark vs. Pegasus and Whole Lotta Red, respectively.

This collaboration also marks another moment in which Trippie Redd can work with one of his rap idols. In an interview with , XXL described how Playboi Carti is one of his Top Five favorite artists.

“Aight, Wayne, Drake… I’ma just say everything I really listen to,” he said. “Like, the most music I’ve ever listened to from an artist… These gotta be my favorites because I clearly listen to them more than everybody else. So, Wayne, Drake, I gotta put André [3000] in there. [Lil] Uzi [Vert] and [Playboi] Carti. I listen to they shit a lot.”

Trippie then described how he believes Carti influenced much of his rap generation.

“Listening to Uzi’s shit back in 2015-16, that shit was different,” he continued. “And Carti, at that time. They was on some other shit for the young niggas. They did some crazy shit for us. They really opened doors for us to do a lot of shit that we do.You know, the niggas from the SoundCloud era might not say it too much, but definitely, they some of the G.O.A.T.s from our era.”

Listen and Enjoy Below!!

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