Trade your gift card and get paid in less than 5 minutes

For every gift card trader, selling gift cards and getting quick payment is the goal. If you are looking to start trading gift cards, fast payment is an important feature that you should look out for in your preferred trading platform.

If you have been trading before now, you will agree that gift card trading comes with several issues from different trading platforms. Ridiculously unprofitable rates, unprecedented server downtime, bad customer service response, and late fund transfer are some of these issues. Some traders say, “it is impossible to have all the good stuff in one gift card trading site.” Others merely trade with faith and hope they do not have trading complications.

What if you can do away with all these issues? What if you could trade your gift cards the fast and easy way? If that is what you want, you now have the Hack! Sell all gift cards to the best gift card trading platform and get paid in a few minutes. Tacit Exchange is offering all gift card traders a fast trading experience at affordable and profitable trading rates.

Fastest gift card trading platform in Nigeria

Sell iTunes, Nordstrom, Amazon, and eBay gift cards for instant cash in Nigeria. The following at the steps on how to trade gift cards and cash out your funds immediately with Tacit exchange.

  1. Visit the website on
  2. Click on the register button you see on the home page.
  3. Register your account with a few details and log in to your user dashboard.
  4. Select the card you want to sell, category, and amount.
  5. Proceed to trade and upload card details.
  6. Wait for verification, and your money will instantly surface in your account.

Easy steps, too good to be true!

What gift cards can I sell on Tacit exchange?

More than giving you the fastest gift card trading platform in Nigeria, Tacit Exchange also offers you the ability to trade many gift cards on one platform. Most gift card trading sites only trade popular gift cards, especially third-party trading platforms.

At Tacit Exchange, they accept Apple store, iTunes, Nordstrom, eBay, Sephora, Walmart, Google play, Footlocker, American Express, Nike, Visa, Steam wallet, One Vanilla gift cards, and more. To start, click here to register an account today and get your first gift card funds instantly.

Limitless gift card trading in Nigeria

Everyone deserves gift card trading on their terms. You do not want a platform that works now and is offline the next minute. Tacit Exchange website is hosted on a server that promises 99.99% uptime, which is pretty much like always online. The security system on the platform is state of the art to keep your information safe and protect them from hackers.

Tacit Exchange is not unaware of the need for traders to ask questions, give suggestions, and make inquiries. The chatbox on the website is handled by a human customer service representative, not a chatbot. This customer service is online at any time around the clock to attend to requests. So, if you think gift card trading is risky, you should try doing it the right way. It could be a lot more fun than you think with Tacit Exchange.


Trade your gift card and get paid in less than 5 minutes

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