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Top typing practice games to improve your typing skills within few weeks.


Jan 29, 2024
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Games play a major roll to understand the keybord and improve typing skill. There are many online typing games which helps you to practice typing while enjoying the game. In this list I will show you 9 Typing games which are really helpful to gain typing speed.

Now lets go through the list care fully:

Keyboard Typig Game

This is a simple typing game to develop hand eye coordination. If you are new in typing then this is one of the best typing game for you. This game has many levels, when you clear level 1 you will taken to level 2. In level 1 you have to type the single letter that falling down. In level 2 there will 2 letter falling at a time.

Typing chep

Typing chef is a very fun game that will help you learn how to type while trying to be a chef.

Typing Practice

Typing practice is another good typing game for all who want to practice typing. You have to type the letters in the red ring to move it before it collapse to the left wall.

Star Wars

this is another typing game that can enhance your typing skills

Paratrooper Sheep

The paratrooper sheep game is very helpful in practicing the position of letters while typing.

Typing Alien

Typing alien is a very good game to enhance your typing speed, fight against the aliens by fast typing, accurate typing and save your typing mission.

Type for your Life

Type for your life is a very fun Game that allow you to continue typing…….

Typing Race Master

Typing Race Master is another fun game which you can play to enhance your typing speed. hnce if you are to success on the game you must keep typing.

Type Travel

Type travel is also and fun and multiple typing game

Typing Olympic

touch type full sentences to become an Olympic typing champion

Letter typing Game

Letter typing game is very interesting typing game specially design for kids. It is very helpful to practice word typing and hand and eye coordination. In this game many monster will attack you and you need to type the name of that monster before it swallow you.

Typing Practice Game

Typing practice games is helpful to practice typing without look at the keyboard. In this game you will learn how to use the small plastic, elevated ‘tabs’ on the F and J keys and place your index fingers on those keys.
This game is designed to learn how to type without looking at the keyboard.

Typing Ninja Master

Typing Ninja Master is very helpful for kids. You can adjust game speed and check your typing accuracy and missed letters. This have has the feature to type in different languages.

Fast Keys The Typing Game

Fast Keys – The Typing Game, was develop for beginners. Who has just started typing and willing to develop their skill.

Typing Band

Typing band s fun to play and s design to help you improve your typing speed, since you will have to type the right key at the right time to keep the game moving.

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