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Best Fake Email Generating Websites 2023



Best Fake Email Generating Websites 2023

We welcome you to our page, have you been looking for the best fake email generating websites? have you ever wonder which among the numerous fake email generating websites is best option to use? if yes you are on the right page, please read keenly as we give you top 6 Best Fake Email Generating Websites Of All Time.

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Best Fake Email Generating Websites 2023


Spambog is a quite fast and disposable e-mail address without any costs, registration, and without any commitments. The service comes as an alternative to 10 Minute Mail and offers all the similar services with some new features and tools. It invents an email and uses where you need it.

Spambog is simple and easy to understand the solution, you need to visit its site, click on the given link and it will provide you with a temporary email address. Any email sent to that address will show automatically on the page, and you can read them, click them and even replay them without any limitation.


Throwaway mail is also one of the best Fake Email generating platform it enable it users to use the fake mail for 48 hours, You have 48 hours to use their mailbox, if you do not visit your mail inbox within 48 hours, it wil be deleted , one good thing about them is that, once visited your mail box extends to another 48 hours. Note that before you use this service, you must enable cookies and java script.


YOPMail is a platform allowing free, fast, and feature-rich service that protects you against spam, phishing, and other online maligns. It safeguards your real email by offering you use its disposable mail address instead of your real one. Users can sign in wherever they like to and want. YOPMail creates temporary inboxes of your choice immediately.

Best Fake Email Generating Websites 2023

The service saves your messages up to one week, and you can also manually delete them. To prevent malign of service, dispatching emails from YOPMail is forbidden. However, users can send an anonymous email to another YOPMail address.


MyTrashMail is the name of a free web-based temporary email address provider. By using this, you can get the free fake or temporary email ID without going for any registration first. The messages that you will receive against this fake email ID will expire automatically after a few hours or a maximum of thirty days, whatever limit you will select.

It is a platform providing free disposable email addresses for whatever your requirements might be. As site states, any time you are demand for an email address to sign up for a newsletter, register at a forum, or for any other purpose. You can use the email prefix to mechanically register for a disposable email address at their website, where you can get your affirmation emails, serial codes.


Getairmail is also known as AirMail is a service that provides free disposable email service. This service offers a random email address that you can use after register yourself to new pages or test-driving, not reliable services. All emails received by this portal are shown automatically in users’ online browser inbox.

Best Fake Email Generating Websites 2023

The service is aimed to bring about the platform on which users can safely and comfortably create their anonymous email addresses to get safety from getting infected by spam.


InboxBear is an email and pushing notification sending platform which works intuitively and provides multiple facilities for giving you email addresses instead of website links. It has an excellent interface, but unfortunately, the site has been discontinued.

The platform is a service that gives you up to ten inboxes where you can register multiple untrusted sites and get there email address. InboxBear also counts up to ten email addresses and its focus on the anonymity and do not disclose your real email when you are signing up with the platform.

Best Fake Email Generator Websites.

Spambog, InboxBear, Getairmail, MyTrashMail and other mentioned on the post above are currently the Best Fake Email Generatoring Websites at the moment.

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What Is Face App?: All You Need To Know About Face App.




What Is Face App?

Face app is a mobile application for IOS and Androids created by Russian company Wireless Lab and released January, 2017.

The app uses neural networks to stimulate how a person will look like as he or she ages. It uses artificial intelligence and neural face transformation to  make faces look creepy, hilarious and even change gender.

Over 150 million people use this app.

So many people on the internet are having fun with this latest social media app. Since its launch in 2017, the app has gone viral that if you have been on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many other internet services that let people share photos, you would have seen it or see photos posted by people that have been made younger or older by the app.

This app can be used to make GIF and also save or upload your photo to its server in order to transform it.

Why Is It Popular?

Face app has become very popular because it allows users to upload photos of their faces and automatically edit them to look like their future selves.

 The app doesn’t only use neural network to change faces but it also put a smile on the face and change the gender too.

The gender swap is the most interesting feature of this fun app because it usually turns out quite convincing.

Face app uses the following filters to make faces look young, old, and change gender.

  • The smile and smile2 filters- this filters will add a smile to the face in a photo
  • Young filter. This filter will make the face younger
  • Old filter. The old filter will make a face older than it is already
  • Female filter. The filter will give the face female looks
  • Male filter. Will give the face male looks.

How To Use Face App

Face app can be used to filter photos in two ways either by taking a live photo or by uploading a photo from the photo library.

Filter A Live Photo

The following are ways to take a photo and filter it with face app.

  • Launch the app
  • A live view will display on your camera with an overlay that is head-shaped
  • Position your face within the overlay
  • Tap the shutter button when you have got the framing right
  • Swipe through the filters and choose any one
  • Tap the save button or tap the share icon to share your photo

Filter A Photo From The Photo Library

  • Launch the app
  • Tap on the photos at the bottom of the screen and swipe upward to bring up the photo library
  • Tap to choose the photo you want to filter
  • Swipe through the filters and chose one
  • Tap the save button or the share icon to share your filtered photo.

How To Get Face App

Face app is a free app that can be downloaded to your device from the app store or Google play. To install face app on your device, open the app store or Google play, search for the app in store and click or tab install, download or get.

hope you understand all the teaching? if NO please go the guidelines again.

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UBA Mobile Banking Codes: Money transfer, Airtime recharge and check balance




UBA Mobile Banking Codes: Money transfer, Airtime recharge and check balance

The UBA Mobile Banking Codes or UBA Magic Manking Code is *919#. With it, customers can do a whole lot of things such as airtime purchase, payment of bills, fund transfer from one bank to another

USSD codes have made banking much easier and convenient, its relevance cannot be over-emphasized. UBA Mobile Banking Codes is easy to use and fast. It actually works like magic, if only you have all things in order and there is money in your account.

Things you can do with UBA Transfer code

  • Buy Airtime.
  • Send money.
  • Pay bills.
  • Fund prepaid card.
  • Check account balance.

UBA Bank USSD code for Transferring Money

Like we said earlier, you can use UBA bank code to send money to UBA bank’s account and the account belonging to any bank within Nigeria.

  • Dial *919*3*account Number*amount# – for transferring to another UBA bank account.
  • Dial *919*4*account Number*amount# – for transferring to other bank accounts in Nigeria.

Example: To send 10,000 Naira to a UBA Bank account number, say – 9076666586.

  • Dial *919*3*9076666586*10000#.

Example: To send 10,000 Naira to another bank’s account number, say – 0011144444.

Dial 9194*0011144444 *10000#.

UBA Bank USSD code for Recharging Airtime

With UBA transfer shortcode, you can as well recharge the airtime for your phone line or another phone line.

  • Dial *919*amount# – for self recharge.
  • Dial *919*phone number*amount# – for other phone numbers.

Example: To recharge your phone line with N4,000 airtime.

  • Dial *919*4000#.

Example: To recharge a separate phone number, say 08153334444 with N4,000 airtime.

  • Dial *909*08153334444*4000#.
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UBA Bank USSD code for checking account balance

To check your UBA account balance using the UBA banking code.

  • Dial *919*00#

This comes in handy that moment someone sends you money and you need to check your account balance ASAP.

UBA Bank USSD code for paying a bill

You can settle some bills using UBA transfer code or banking code. It’s not that convenient for me, hence I still use the traditional means of going to the dealer’s office. But if you find peace using it or you want to give it a try.

  • Dial *919*5#

UBA Bank USSD code for funding UBA prepaid card

Aside the regular ATM card customers wield, UBA offers a prepaid card that imitates al of ATM card functionality except it is not attached to any UBA account. All user’s banking information is pinned to that card. The prepaid card works best as a gift card – its recommended. Since this card is not attached to any bank account, you can only fund it by going to the nearest UBA bank or using the UBA banking/transfer code.

  • Dial *919*32#

Note: This works only from the number associated with the prepaid card.

UBA Bank USSD code for ATM cardless withdraw

  • Dial *919*30*Amount#

NOTE, you can carry out all of these bank transaction using UBA mobile money application if you are not conversant with USSD codes.

We welcome your comments, questions, corrections and additional information relating to this article. Your comments may take some time to appear. Please be aware that off-topic comments will be deleted.If you encounter any technical error, reach out to – [email protected].

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Current Prices of Panasonic LED TV’s in Nigeria




Current Prices of Panasonic LED TV’s in Nigeria.

Hello reader, we welcome you to our blog, the360report had spend time to make a research on prices of Panasonic LED TV’S in Nigeria, and the result is what we are going to discuss today. A lot of electronics users are found of going online to make research on their desired products and the cost of getting them, if you happened to be one of them you are on the right place to get a glimpse of the prices of Panasonic LED TV’S in Nigeria

As mentioned earlier, we had took time to investigate the costs of different brands of Panasonic TVs in Nigeria as of the time of this post.

PLEASE NOTE: when you shall get to the market, the price might be bigger or smaller than the ones found here, this post is fully for information purpose, The reason being that dollar price in Nigeria is not static it’s fluctuating and you can’t expect price of commodities to be stable in such a condition. Also, the costs are also controlled by the sizes of the TVs. The type of display screen additionally decides how costly or modest a TV can be.

Below are the current prices of Panasonic LED TVs that in Nigeria

  1. Panasonic 24 inches LED TV: ₦38, 000 – ₦45, 000
  2. Panasonic 32 inches LED TV: ₦57, 000 – ₦75, 000
  3. Panasonic 40 inches LED TV: ₦110, 000 – ₦150, 000
  4. Panasonic 43 inches full HD LED TV: ₦130, 000 – ₦180, 000
  5. Panasonic 49 inches LED TV: ₦155, 000 – ₦200, 000
  6. Panasonic 49 inches Smart Full HD IPS LED TV: ₦300, 000 – ₦380, 000
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On where to get Panasonic TVs, they can be sourced directly from the company or Panasonic agents in the country. For the best deal, they can likewise be purchased from online stores and other electronic stores that are operating in the country.

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