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Top 5 Nollywood Actress That Marry A Second Hand Husband



In this Article we are going to reveal top 5 Nolly Actress who marry a second hand husband

As far as this write-up is concerned, a second-hand man is one who was previously married or has a child with another woman. Nollywood has been fraught with such intriguing occurrences and in this article, we shed light on only 5 of such Nigerian celebrities who decided to settle for less. let’s go straight to the point without wasting time.

1. Mercy Johnson

The versatile actress is married to Prince Odianosen Okojie and together they have four kids. The marriage was first shrouded in controversy after Prince’s former wife decided to cause a scene and prevent him from going ahead to marry the actress. The lady, identified simply as Lovely claimed Mercy Johnson was dating her husband while they were still married.

2. Nuella Tchikere

Actress Nuella Njubigbo got married to movie producer and director, Tchidi Chikere. Drama started to unfold when Chikere’s estranged wife, (probably Nuella was still chopping Chikere while he was still with the woman) Sophia became a hindrance to their union as he accused the famous producer of shirking his responsibilities to take care of his kids.

3. Stella Damasus

Stella’s marriage to Daniel Ademinokan also dominated the headlines a lot. Daniel was then married to another actress called Doris Simeon. Up to this day, many people have not forgiven Stella for her act of betrayal for breaking a colleague’s marital home.

4. Annie Maccauley Idibia

Unlike the other ladies contained in our list herein, Annie Maccauley had no issues with other women issue a stern warning to her to stay off 2face, judging from his many escapes with women. Annie Maccauley has gone on to establish a strong home with her husband and has become a point of reference to other celebrities in the industry.

5. Funke Akindele

The list won’t be complete without comic actress Funke Akindele. Her marriage to Almaroof Oloyede in May 2012 collapsed a year after, making it one of the industry’s shortest marriage. We understand skeletons hidden in the man’s closet, such a child from a previous marriage which he never discussed with Funke caused the breakup.

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