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Richest Comedians In Nigeria (Updated Top 10 2024)


Jan 29, 2024
Richest Comedians In Nigeria
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Top 10 Richest Comedians In Nigeria 2024: Who are currently the Richest Comedians In Nigeria 2024? It will interest you to know that the Richest Nigerian Comedians has a net worth which runs into Billions of Naira as at the time of making this post in 2024.

On this post we will be discussing this big guys in the comedy industry who has been able to make names for themselves.

Comedy in Nigeria today has demonstrated that ability can put nourishment on one’s table, yet it can likewise raise one to the stature of significance.

In the 90’s good comic and funny individuals were viewed as push-overs, never-do-wells, jokers, and so forth. These days individuals with this ability of making others to snicker are truly utilizing on their natural gifts to rake in some serious cash.

Nigerian comedians might be interesting, however not Stupid as this engaging endeavor has turned a large portion of these skilled comedians in the Nation incredibly rich. The shows they do, support arrangements and agreements they sign rates them as commendable big names.

Now we are going to take you through the list of the richest comedians in Nigeria and their respective net worth.

List Of The Top 10 Richest Comedians In Nigeria 2024

1. Ali Baba _ Net worth: N3.2 billion

Ali Baba is a very popular comedian in Nigeria_And for people who know the guy, you shouldn’t have a hard time believing he’s the richest Comedians in the country.not only does Ali Baba happen to be a wealthy man, but he also happens to have received many Awards. Ali Baba who happen to be the father of new Nigerian Comedy, he top the list of the richest Nigerian comedians in Nigeria.

Ali Baba is currently listed number one on the list of the Top 10 Richest Comedians In Nigeria, Ali Baba net worth is estimated to be N3.2 billion Naira.

2. AY Live _Net worth: N2.5 billion


After Ali Baba , there is no argument about the fact that Ay comes next.AY is another comedian who has been around for a while. He is hands_ down one of the greatest Comedians Nigeria has ever seen. AY is currently one of the most influential and most talented comedian in Nigerian Comedy Industry, as of 2023 AY has estimated net worth of N2.5 billion Naira.

Top 10 Richest Comedians In Nigeria 2024

3. Basket mouth_ Net worth: N2.1 billion

Basket mouth May not be the richest of all Comedians in Nigeria. How ever,he happens to be one of the most popular. the guy furthermore happens to have received a countless number of Awards.And his comedy skills are not things to be underestimated. As of 2023 his Net worth is estimated to be 2.1 Billion Naira.

4. I Go Dye _ Net worth : N2 billion

I Go Dye May not be as popular as Basket mouth, but his net worth is close to that of Basket mouth.this guy, just like Basket mouth,has a net worth of about N2 billion. The real name of I Go Dye is Francis Agoda. He is a 40_ years_ old man who also has a bunch of other business. As of 2023 his net worth is estimated to be N2 billion Naira

Top 10 Richest Comedians In Nigeria 2023

5. Julius Agwu _ Net worth : N1.5 billion

julius Agwu is one of the richest Comedians in Nigeria. He is a billionaire.just like other guys we have discussed so far.this guy is stated to be 46 years of age . And as regards his real name, his real name is still Julius Agwu. As of 2023 Julius agwu net worth is estimated to be N1.5 billion.

6. Okey Bakassi_Net Worth : N800 million

Okey Bakassi is old the Nigerian satire industry. He began satire when it was not paying off.

Okey Bakassi isn’t just a veteran comedian, yet in addition an on-screen character, MC and a TV moderator. He is likewise occupied with governmental issues and he was the senior extraordinary collaborator to the IMO state Governor on amusement.

Okey Bakassi has sorted out parts and loads of shows for top class government officials. He is among the top procuring comedians in the nation. As of this 2023 his net worth is estimated to be N800 million Naira

Top 10 Richest Comedians In Nigeria 2023

7. Bovi _ Net worth: N600 million

Bovi is another very interesting guy. He is pretty popular, and we probably don’t have to spend much time introducing him. He is just as old as other men in this article, but he’s not a is however not impossible for Bovi to become a billionaire in some years to come. As of 2023 Bovi net worth is estimated to be N600 million Naira

8. Gbenga Adeyinka_Net Worth : N500 million

Gbenga is perhaps the greatest name in the Nigerian parody industry. He is legitimate for arranging large shows for government officials.

He is the CEO and coordinator of ‘laffmattaz‘, a well known show that makes loads of cash for him. Gbenga is associated with different organizations and he claims numerous benefits in enormous urban communities in the nation. As of 2023 his net worth is estimated to be N500 million Naira.

9. Gordons_Net Worth : N400 million

Prominently known for his corresponds “Halelluyah!”, Gordons is a one of the most gifted comedians in the nation.

He additionally came into spotlight by means of Opa William’s Night of a thousand Laugh. As of 2022 his net worth is stimated to be N400 million Naira.

Top 10 Richest Comedians In Nigeria 2023

10. Akpororo_Net Worth : N350 million

Akpororo is cherished by numerous Nigerians for his stunning comic lines. He has scaled the stepping stool at a quick pace.

Akpororo is just perhaps the richest comedian and has acted in some prominent shows and has sorted out his also. Akpororo acts in many church sorted out occasions, an accomplishment which is once in a while accomplished by different comedians.

Akpororo is currently among the Top 10 Richest Comedians In Nigeria, As of 2023 his net worth is estimated to be 350 million Naira

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