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The Election Violence Between A.P.C And P.D.P, In 2015 General Election In Nigeria, That Lead To The Death Of Mr&Mrs Lucky Oghogho And 9 Others.



Deadly election-related and communal violence in Edo State, Nigeria following the May 14 to May 17 2015, presidential voting which left more than 10 people dead. The victims were killed in three days of peaceful protest in 3 Local Government In Edo State Nigeria. The Ruling Party APC, and federal authorities failed promptly investigate and prosecute those who orchestrated and carried out these crimes and address the root causes of recurring inter-communal violence, because they are believe to be criminal belonging to the ruling party.

The violence began with peaceful protests by supporters of the PDP, following the 2015 General election of Goodluck Jonathan, a Christian Candidate from the Niger Delta in the south and Muhammadu Buhari, a northern Muslim from the All Progressive Congress APC. The protests degenerated into violent riots or sectarian killings, Relief officials estimate that more than 65,000 people was displaced as a result of the violence.

Many was killed and many was declared wanted by the criminal group, Late Mr. & Mrs Lucky Oghogho son is among 65,000 people who was displaced and declared wanted by the criminal group.

Human Rights Watch interviewed two witnesses who described how gunmen shot and killed Mr. & Mrs Lucky Oghogho and also burn down his house in Evboeghae neighborhood of Ugboghikhirimwan Town in Orhionmwon Local Government Area, Edo State Nigeria, on the morning of MAY 17th 2015. A construction worker described what he saw:

Around 8:30 p.m. on Thursday night [MAY 14th 2015], after the election was rigged, people started protesting peacefully [in the streets]. The gunmen came and started shooting and we ran away. On Sunday morning, around 8:30 to 9 a.m., we came out and continue our peaceful protest over manipulation of results. The gunmen returned and pursued the people into Lucky Oghogho [Mr. Lucky’s] compound, Mr. Lucky is a party leader of P.D.P, in ward 03, [Ugbeka Ward] They entered the compound. One was in red, he had a red Manchester jersey, and was wearing a mask on his face. The other was wearing a black shirt with a mask on his face. I saw one shoot his gun through the window. I heard Mr. Lucky Shouting my chest. The one then shot again through the door, and that was Mr. Lucky’s Wife [Mrs Lucky Oghogho]. I heard the other gunman ask him why why not just kill the son as well, but their son managed to escape. the gunmen now left, Before we could take him to the hospital the both of them was dead”.

As of the time of making this post, the whereabouts of Mr. & Mrs Lucky’s only son is not known and the Nigerian Government refuse to investigate the case because they believed the the 65,000 displaced people including Mr. Lucky son are member of the opposition party PDP.