Cost Of Molding And Buying Blocks In Nigeria 2023

Cost Of Molding And Buying Blocks In NigeriaMolding of blocks is very important, because block is needed in almost all structure which need to be erected. However, considering if you are to mold blocks or if you are to buy from molding industry has been a thought that run through your heart, don’t worry calm down.Molding your own blocks yourself is not easy but it’s still the cheapest when compared to buying, therefore to mold blocks on your site the following must be considered:

  1. Availability of water
  2. Current cost of cements
  3. Whether condition
  4. Sand
  5. Trusted workers (labour)
    Having know all this things, now let’s proceed to the main topic of discussion.

Requirements for block making.

1) 2 trip of Sharp Sand (Double tipper)
2) 30 Bags of cement
3) Water
4) Labour

If you have already done a borehole on your land then you don’t have to buy water if not you will have hire big drums which you use to buy water. Now that we know the materials needed. We will need to estimate how much quantity of blocks it will produce.Cost Of Molding And Buying Blocks In Nigeria.
1 bag of cement produces 35 blocks so let us do the calculation, let say 30 bags will produce 35 x 30 = 1050 pieces of 6 inches blocks. So with 2 trips of a double tipper of sand and 39 bags of cement you will get 1050 blocks.
So let us now do our calculations to know how much it costs to produce 1050 blocks
1) 2 trips of Sharp sand ( Double tipper) = 44,000 Naira
2) 30 Bags of cement (2000 each 2000 x 30 =60,000 )
3) Water 1,000 Naira
4) Labour ( 700 Naira per bag 700 x 30 = 21,000 )
Total: 82,000 Naira.

Coast of buying 1050 blocks.

Now that we know how much it costs to make these blocks let us now compare it if we had chose to buy the blocks
1 Block = 150 Naira (Current market price )
750 Blocks = (1050 x 150 = 157,500 Naira)

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Your possible savings

Cost of making 1050 blocks = 71,500 Naira
Cost of buying 1050 blocks = 157,500 Naira
Difference (157500 – 82,000 = 75,500 (Savings)

This is pretty cool right? But to enjoy this savings you have to remember that I mentioned ” trusted labour” which means there is possibility that they will steal your blocks, cement and waste your materials, so to avoid this you have to be watchful, or if you are the busy type you have to sent somebody to watch over them on your absence.

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