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Tacha #BBNaija: 10 Amazing Facts You Need To Know About Tacha 2020.



Tacha is a popular Nigeria Instagram blogger, and the former #BBNaija Housemate whose chance of winning 2019 #BBNaija Reality TV show was abruptly twated as a result of fight that arose between her and fellow housemate Mercy Eke.

Now let go straight to the point without much talk, talking about amazing things about Tacha what did you thing? Now let’s dive into the list.

10 Amazing Facts About Tacha

1. Tacha is from Rivers State.

Tacha who refer to herself as Port-Harcort first daughter, is a native of Port-Harcort

2 Tacha is an orphan

According to her she lost her parents long ago.

3 Tacha was born in the month of December

Yes Tacha was born in month of December and that is when she usually celebrate her birthday, and the date is 23rd.

4 Tacha is older than mercy Eke

Tacha was born 1995 and she is currently 25 while mercy Eke was born 1996.

5 Tacha has tattoo on her chest

Tacha, as part of the love she had for Davido she went extra length to tattoo Davido Record label logo on her chest, this is the reason why Davido follows her on Instagram.

6 Tacha was supposed to win BBNaija

Tacha was supposed to be the winner of #BBNaija 2029 Edition, but she was disqualified as a result of violence.

7 Tacha is not yet Married

Tacha former #BBNaija 2019 Housemate

Though Tacha is a very beautiful, yet she’s not married, there is many relationship rumor around the beautiful damsel but none of them have been confirmed to an extent.

8 Tacha is a graduate

Tacha, despite being an orphan she still managed to give herself a better education, she graduated in 2016, and she had BSc. In English language.

9 Tacha is currently in London

Despite the Coronavirus Case that bring down the Global economy, Tacha still went ahead and travel to UK, barely a week after her travel the whole World Locked their borders Including UK and Nigeria.

10 Tacha has a Net Worth of $220,000

To me Tacha is a very Lucky fellow, despite the fact that she didn’t won the 2019 Reality TV Show, she received over N100 million Naira cash from different fan across the world.

Bonus facts, who else notice it’s fun to gist about Tacha right?

11 Tacha is the CEO of everythingtacha

This is tacha makeup Business which she has heavily invested on.

12 Tacha is a brand ambassador to many businesses in Nigeria

Yes due to her fame and influence on social media handles, she has been able to draw good business deal to herself


Tacha is too controversial, trying to write everything about her Is somehow impossible.

To know more about her read her biography, from her biography you have been able to see that she’s a hard working Young girl right? This shows that In anything you do in life, working hard is still one of the key to achieving them, hard work pays. You will turn a good subject for people to write about someday if only you believe.

Discover a dream, pursue it, and be ready to pay the price of consistency, with this, your dream life is achievable.

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