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Scabies: Home remedies for treating scabies skin infection.

Scabies is an infestation of small mites that burrow into the skin and cause itchy rashes. People with scabies need medical treatment to get rid of the mites. Sometimes an individual can become resistant to the treatment so may wish to try at-home remedies as well. Many traditional treatments for scabies can cause serious side […]

Important Facts That You Need To Know Before Having A Vasectomy

An effective way to prevent pregnancy for men is to have a vasectomy. For some people, a vasectomy is the only way to prevent pregnancy. Before having a vasectomy, make sure you know enough about it to make a fully informed decision. Read the following facts and then decide if you want to continue the […]

How Clinical Studies Can Benefit From Metadata Repository

Metadata is about data and describes the nature of given information. Metadata can be any one of the following: Data about data – metadata, in other words, data about itself and its content.  Data about the database – data that describes the database schema or structure.  Data about the database management system (DBMS) – data […]

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