Entrepreneur mindset

Entrepreneurial thinking – the Destiny of a Chosen Few or the Potential of Everyone?

Apple, Saudi Aramco, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Tesla, Tencent, L’Oreal – these and many other companies are the flagships or, as they are called, the drivers of economic growth. Why do we have to talk about them that way? Why do we attach so much importance to entrepreneurs and businesses in general? Entrepreneurs – change people’s […]

How to Start a Community-Focused Business

A community-focused business is designed to improve the life of the local community. Some entrepreneurs establish these types of businesses to help their communities. Consumers also support these businesses because of the benefits they offer. Statistics show that for each $100 a person spends on a local business, $68 stays within the community. Therefore, local […]

How to Write a Biography Essay: Working Tips

How to Write a Biography Essay: Working Tips. What is a biography essay? This is a creative writing practice. To make it clear, biography writing is a story that you tell about a person. In some cases, it can be difficult to deal with the biography of another person. What elements should you insert in […]

Is day trading a sustainable investment strategy?

Is day trading a sustainable investment strategy?    Once upon a time, the world’s stock and forex markets were only really accessible to a select few investors, who worked for the world’s largest fiscal institutions. However, this has changed considerably during the digital age, with daily trading volumes in the forex market having increased from […]

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