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Nothing less than 20 Students Expelled For Homosexuality In Boys’ High School



Students Expelled For Homosexuality In Boys’ High School

Not less than 20 students of a Catholic mission school, Bishop Nwedo Memorial Boys’ High School, in Umuahia, Abia State have been expelled by the management for practicing homosexuality.

The school management dismissed these students, which include junior and senior class students on the day that there were to start their first term examination.

According to a local source, the school authorities organised a prayer session following reported cases of homosexual practices in the school.

During the prayer session, the school managers urged students who had indulged in homosexual acts to confess or they would suffer terrible calamities. Some students came forward and disclosed that they had indulged in homosexual acts with junior or senior school students.

Subsequently, the school authorities expelled these students without allowing them to take the first term examination.

A parent expressed shock and disappointment at the harsh punishment meted out to these students by Bishop Nwedo Memorial Boys’ High School.

According to this parent, the dismissal of the students has traumatized them, and has disrupted their academic program.

The decision to punish students for homosexuality does not align with the position of Pope Francis who has noted that homosexual tendencies “are not a sin“.

Students who confessed to homosexuality expected love and proper guidance from the school authorities, not expulsion.

A school that has honesty as its motto should not treat students who expressed honesty this way. In fact, I expect mission schools to act with compassion, not cruelty towards those who confess to have behaved in a particular way whether or not sinful.

He appealed to the principal of the school, Rev Fr Benjamin Onyemachi to review this decision, recall the students and allow them to continue their education at the school.