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Stop scamming people in the name of Jesus – Comedian Woli Arole warns


Nov 30, 2023

Popular comedian and actor Woli Arole has issued a warning to people who are using the name of Jesus to scam others as he urges them to stop the act.

Woli Arole in the past few months has become a prominent speaker on social media as he has been using his platforms to speak on what he thinks should be done and should not be considered.

Arole some minutes ago took to his official Twitter account to warn scammers who are using the name of Jesus.

According to him, some persons have commercialized Jesus to the extent they give fake prophecies.

He tweeted his thought on his official Twitter handle.

Stop scamming people in the NAME of JESUS, Stop it, Stop saying “this is what I see about you” when God didn’t show you anything, If you’re hungry go and look for job, start a trade and stop “COMMERCIALISM JESUS” he said

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