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Sports Can Change Nigeria and the World



Sports is not just an important aspect of almost all our lives all through the world, but also a major and massive tool for world development. In case you all have been wondering how sports can be considered to be a major part of development projects at the international level, even something that the UN espouses, then you absolutely need to scroll further down to read through this article and understand how it is so, in as clear and concise a manner as possible. 

Secondly, this article will also focus on the condition of world sports now after the Covid-19 pandemic ripped the world apart and take a special look at the sports ministry and the condition of sports in the country of Nigeria, through lucid data interpretations and proper media reports in the first person narrative system. 

For all sports enthusiasts, watching a sports match, cheering for their favourite team, home team or sports betting is all that is needed to take part in the world of sports. But, interestingly, that is not at all where the world of sports ends. Sports has a whole lot more to offer than just that. But, for all the sports betting enthusiasts out there, go ahead and check out the best sports betting available at SportyBet now. Also, do not forget to keep following for more news from the world of sports! 

If you think about the way that sports has affected the world in the present day, then you just need to go back to the 6th of April, 2021 when the entire Covid-19 riddled world celebrated the International Day of Sports for Development and Peace to mark the death and destruction left behind by the pandemic that cause wreckage all over the world and is still continuing to do so in many ways. Many would not be aware of the fact that this day had been set aside by the United Nations to observe and celebrate sports as a weapon of mass peace. 

With the Olympic Truce, started as far back as the 8th Century still in effect even today, the world has not missed out on a single Olympics Game of friendship and allyhood, except during World War I and World War II. In 2004, the UN also started off with a new unit where they trained youths from 157 countries from all over the world to use sports as a tool to drive aspects of the UN Millennium Development Goals directives and aims that want to eradicate global illiteracy, hunger, poverty, disease and HIV/AIDS by 2020. 

For Nigeria as a country, all of this has to be carefully read and internalized because over the years, the sports ministers of Nigeria, even though they may have been well intentioned have been unable to bring back the lost glimmer of hope in the world of sports, especially because they do not understand how sports functions at all, and why it is such an important part of the future. 

So, with so many young Nigerians out there invested in sports and ready to carve their names in the world of international sports, considering sports as a tool for development will definitely go a long long way. 

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