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Airtel Nigeria: check out code to buy and check data balance on airtel



Yes i decided to drop this airtel quick codes to buy and check your data balance, its not every time you will have to call customer care wen you are in need of something, you can get most of them at you finger tips if you know how to browse the internet.

no need for too many talk, below are the codes to buy and check data balance on airtel sim

How To Subscribe, How To Check Balance.

  • Dial *141# to subscribe to Airtel data plans.
  • Dial *140# to check all data balance on Airtel. 
  • Send Status to 141 to check balance via SMS.

The above codes are how to subscribe to the airtel data bundle in general. You can always visit for more info.

Airtel Blackberry Data Plans Code: How To Check It:

  • Simply dial *123*9#

After dialing the above code you will receive a message with your data balance information.

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