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SEO PLANNING: Best guide on how to make seo planning



I see SEO planning as a mix between the respect of more or less fixed rules and the observation of specific parameters of the single case. Summarizing the concept, I would say that it is based on a substantial, and disturbing, variability of all factors.

I can’t be sure these 14  SEO tips are the ultimate solution to improve your Google ranking under any circumstances.

But they represent a good point of reference on which to base optimization work for a more detailed and specific search engine optimization.

The topics of the post

  • Publish the best possible content
  • Increase indexing with the blog
  • Place PDF documents in the SERP
  • Submit the sitemap in the Search Console
  • Take care of Google meta tags as much as possible
  • Create SEO friendly URLs for pages
  • SEO positioning and quality links
  • Google Update and SEO planning
  • Google loves your fresh content
  • Never forget internal links
  • Check site positioning on Google
  • Position a site by optimizing photos
  • Outbound links: value your content
  • Analyze and make the most of the SERP
  • Improve your SEO planning

Publish the best possible content

Content is king, this is the basic rule. The best way to take advantage of search engines and good inbound links, with their ranking on Google, is to write really good texts. But I’ll tell you more: the perspective has changed.

Before the story was that of publishing text, the added value to communicate the presence of quality to Google. The crawler reads the text and decides your SEO schedule, but this is no longer the case: your goal is not to bloat the text pages but to give people what they need.

And you have to do it in the best possible way, eliminating redundancies and drying the pages of what can be superfluous text. Indeed, working to satisfy the questions in the best possible way: perhaps through videos, images, and graphics. To be first on search engines it is not enough to repeat the keyword, work with synonyms or write. Sign Out of the box which tends to simplify the strategy SEO.

Increase indexing with the blog

Do you want to be found for more searches? Post a blog and began to publish posts to find you by the people who need your help.

This is inbound marketing, and SEO planning is an integral part of that dynamic. But to be effective you need to do good keyword research.

In the analysis, find the general topics and related phrases that accompany the keywords. This means having a topic to address and secondary keywords that suggest what people want from that content.

How can this be achieved? Google Suggest is a great starting point, but to learn more you can use Answer The Public, the SEO copywriting tool.

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Place PDF documents in the SERP

Sometimes people don’t search for web pages but other formats to get more accurate answers. For example, they want a form or diagram to download, print, and bring to a USB stick. So keyword research must be able to show this need. And you need to do good SEO optimization of PDFs.

Submit the sitemap in the Search Console

One of the points to improve the visibility of the site on Google: add the sitemap in the section dedicated to webmasters. I’m talking about the Search Console, here you can find a section dedicated to the XML file that helps Google find the contents.

Take care of Google meta tags as much as possible

Do you know what is one of the essential conditions to rise in position and appear high on Google? Change the meta tags useful for communicating with the search engine.

The first and most important: the title tag. While it shouldn’t make it on this list, the official Mountain View guide treats it as the highlight of the list.

Because among the meta tags, the title has the most relevance for Google positioning. The keywords you enter acquire meaning for the search engine, even if immediately after you find the meta description that has no direct value in SEO terms.

However, it allows you to influence site clicks, and if you think about it, the task of search engine marketing (SEM) is just that. That is to say, getting visitors.

SEO planning: title and meta description tags

By the way, do you know the difference between SEO and SEM? After deepening this point I suggest you take a look at the in-depth guides to optimize:

  • Title Tag
  • Meta description
  • Tag H1

Finally, remember that the pages of your blog or site must have performing title tags and not a simple “site name – home”, “site name – who I am”, etc.

If you work with a WordPress platform and want to change these parameters you don’t have much choice: install WordPress SEO by Yoast or All In One SEO Pack.

Create SEO friendly URLs for pages

Having a quality URL is important in terms of SEO optimization for WordPress or any other CMS. The rule of thumb is simple and is based on clear points:

  • Readability.
  • Simplicity.
  • Consistency.

How does an SEO-friendly URL have to be to improve the ranking on Google? Short, descriptive towards the central topic, easy to read and remember. It is useless to add keywords at random, better to focus on the information economy.

Pay attention to the WordPress settings

This CMS, when you open a blog, has permalink parameters completely outside the SEO logic. Namely with an identification number.

Better to immediately set up a customizable solution, which starts from the words used in the title but can be changed before publication.

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SEO positioning and quality links

When planning your link popularity strategy, always consider that quality matters more than quantity. Perhaps it is useless to inflate the website profile with links from projects opened yesterday, perhaps on free platforms, just because you have heard of private blog networks. Which is a complex, even risky job.

Instead, think about creating a good guest blogging business and giving readers something useful. Like guides, free material, exclusive guides, and case studies.

It is not easy to link earning, or at least these are not my words. But it’s the surest way to get quality links along with SEO and digital PR work.

Be wary, however, of paid links, you risk being penalized by Google: you will earn the best links with a healthy content marketing strategy.

Google Update and SEO planning

Don’t be obsessed with updates  (the famous algorithm updates) but don’t let the news get out of hand. The truth? The search engine works continuously to vary the SERP. And you have to monitor the situation.

Check what happened after the update, try to investigate the drops and gains, but don’t intervene immediately without knowing what you are doing. The famous Medical Update has taught us that sometimes the best solution is not to act. But observe.

Google loves your fresh content

That’s right, Mountain View wants to read updated texts, capable of giving the right information to those who come to the site. Attention, it does not reward those who manipulate the texts at random but those who update old posts to give something useful. In short, don’t be smart by adding only two or three keywords: aim for a concrete improvement.

This speech also concerns the technical work. Optimization is not forever: the web is evolving and you must always be ready to change your work concerning the news. On Google positioning, you must always work in advance.

Never forget internal links

Make sure your site is easily navigable and has a good internal link network. But, be careful, they must not be put at random: the value of a page flows through the internal links and gives value to what you have linked.

This means that within a page you have to carefully decide how many and which links to insert, will be the elements you will give weight to in the eyes of Google and the user.

Always remember to take care of the anchor text as carefully as possible, an element that anticipates the content that the user and crawler will find on the other side of the mention. Obviously, in these cases, you have to be good at using clear words.

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Check site positioning on Google

To improve the ranking of a page you need a lot of attention. But also of a solution to understand what are the results obtained. So you need to be able to check your ranking on search engines. What is the solution? There are several tools.

I use Semrush which is paid, but there are other free ones for free Google ranking checker. The names in question are:

  • Ubersuggest
  • Serprobot

Thanks to these SEO tools you can understand how the SERP moves and what are the rankings obtained by your work. Working in the right direction also means this: understanding what you have done to change direction or continue towards the result.

Position a site by optimizing photos

Many searches are carried out to find photos, or through a search dedicated to the visual section of Google. For this, it is important to optimize the images.

This is done by inserting the alt tag, improving captions and file names but also streamlining the content with tools to reduce the weight of online images. This way the page loads better and increases the speed of the blog. In favor of usability.

Outbound links: value your content

SEO planning is not just about inbound links, quality content is also built with authoritative sources. You have to give the reader the best possible result. This means making it clear where your idea comes from.

Don’t be stingy with outbound links, as long as the resources are relevant and qualitatively impeccable. Most importantly, remember to check for broken links every now and then – I use Broken Link Checker to check.

Analyze and make the most of the SERP

To work on Google positioning you have to work on the SERP analysis. This way you study what others have done to get the site up. Most importantly, you have an idea of what the search engine wants in that circumstance.

Perhaps also evaluating the specific use of images and videos. Try to occupy more position in the SERP with your multimedia content, especially with YouTube publications. And when you see carousels of photos and clips in the SERP always consider that Google gives people what they like: do you do the same?

Improve your SEO planning

Are the steps to place the site just these? No, here you will find a minimal guide to what the SEO rules are. Indeed, KissAnime would call them generic good habits.

If you want to improve SEO planning you have to work specifically, contextualizing the project and aiming for linear actions with your business.

Always remember that this matter is a means, not the end: you have to earn more, not just position. Do you agree? Leave your idea in the comments.

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How to unlock a forgotten android password 100% working




How to unlock a forgotten android password 100% working

Recently a friend of mine forgot the pattern to her phone and hence the only way out was for her to hand Flash the phone. She had important documents inside it especially are school project work and she didn’t back it up on her laptop. She tried remembering the pattern but she couldn’t hence have to hand flash the phone. Let’s get back to why you are reading this article.

After the whole incidence, I discovered that there was actually a way for us to have opened the phone without hand flashing it and thereby not losing anything in the process. You must have heard of this app “Find my Device”, it’s not just for searching for your lost phone, it can be used to open your phone should you forget the password or pattern.

You could download the app on a friend’s phone and sign in using your Google login details that you also use on your locked phone. One’s login, you will see your device you want to unlock, select Lock, enter a temporary password, and select lock again. Once you are done with that you will see a confirmation below the box with options: Ring, lock, and Erase. You will also see a password field on your Android phone, just enter the temporary password. Go back to your Android phone lock screen settings and disable the temporary password.

This is also why you should be careful about giving anybody your mail login details. Note what I have just described above may not work for all phones as a lot of phone companies are making sure their phone securities are very tight.

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Please don’t give just anybody access to your mail logins and this information should not be used wrongly by anybody

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How to use Educational Software (flipped classroom) to Motivate Students




The present instructor is confronted with issues that those of twenty years prior would never have thought.

As the twenty-first century gets comfortable quite a while are starting to understand that flipped classroom learning aware of the most recent innovation is imperative on the off chance that they need to arrive at their understudies.

Instead of battling against innovation, it is time instructors and school resources grasp the conceivable outcomes.

Path in 2000, my child was simply beginning secondary school, and it was by then that it occurred to me that the educational system was absolutely in obscurity about the necessities of the present understudies.

My kid was a PC nerd. He could dismantle a PC and modify it in hours, ace any product introduced to him, and compose HTML code in his rest.

An after effect of urging him since kindergarten to investigate the web and the flipped classroom learning.

You have perused a part of my different articles; you may review that my first PC was a Tandy with a 20 mg hard drive.

It turned into my child’s when he could sit at a table and discover letters on a keypad.

However, he bombed his ‘keyboarding’ class since he took a gander at his keypad even though he composed at 65wpm when the necessity for passing was 35wpm.

The disappointment of this disappointment made him quit school and go get a GED, which he did inside about fourteen days. He was just 16.

This experience additionally trained me a ton about the young people of today.

Presently, having shown a few gatherings of in danger understudies with troubles in perusing and math, my test was compounded by an absence of accessibility of innovation in my school.

My homeroom innovation comprised of a TV and a landline telephone, and three 12-year-old PCs that had been moved up to the point of breakdown.

How was I expected to educate these connected understudies?

Here are three of the things I did that helped take my understudies from a 6th grade perusing level to a ninth-grade level in one school year.

Wireless TESTS One of the primary things I did was to consolidate phone tests.

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These were day by day, a couple of inquiry tests about the substance of exercises from the day preceding.

Questions would be composed on the board, and understudies would message their solutions to my wireless.

This took up around 2 minutes every day once we got into the propensity, and the children comprehended the principles. The principles were very straightforward.

– The content needed to come from their telephone except if earlier courses of action were made.

– They were to message just the inquiry number and the letter of the right reaction

– They were not to call my mobile phone at some other time. It was a prepaid telephone and utilized uniquely for this action.

– They should comprehend that each test would be a pass or come up short and would include in their evaluation

– Cell telephones were not to be utilized after the test was finished. They were to be on vibrate or off and far out, or they would be seized. Our school had a no PDA strategy.

The initial not many occasions I attempted this I was met with suspicious gazes.

It took a couple of moments to persuade the understudies that it was not some stunt to remove PDA clients.

Yet, when I did, this got one of the most anticipated exercises of their day. I likewise found that my participation rate was consistently increasing as I presented more exercises utilizing innovation.

Continuously ON TV In our school, we have a media creation class that makes a day by day report that is communicated all through the school every morning.

We have so much time designated to us to show the understudies; obviously, we should stop for 15 minutes every morning to tune in to the transmissions.

Truly, I am snide. It seemed like the battleground was stacked against me, yet I however of something that helped my understudies with their perusing and it was a result of the day by day broadcast.

– I turned on the TV not long previous to the understudies entered the class in the first part of the day.

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– I turned the sound up barely enough to catch their consideration and help to centre them as they got comfortable for the day’s exercises.

– After the ringer and move, I killed the sound!

– Students needed to READ the shut inscribing to get the news. What’s more, it worked.

– If understudies disturbed class in any capacity the transmission would end as the TV would be killed, yet if they helped out the exercise, I would leave it on all through the class.

The understudies had a need to realize what was happening at school. Paradise precludes they missed a declaration of a football match-up or the following dance.

Likewise, the school additionally broadcast drawing in and enlightening shows for the day, so an understudy who’s consideration was starting to meander could transform into the TV for a couple of moments and still be learning and rehearsing his perusing.

I additionally urged guardians to follow my model at home.

Many concurred, and those understudies scored 10% higher on their perusing tests than the individuals who didn’t.

PC USE IS MANDATORY Using the PC is an aptitude that our understudies need to contend in this day and age. At the same time, an ever-increasing number of study halls are getting PC access.

It very well may be a battle for the individuals who have not yet been prepared. This was the situation in my group. In any case, I was as yet ready to have the understudies utilize the PCs and improve their abilities.

– I routinely allotted reports that necessary flipped classroom  examination notwithstanding customary exploration in the library.

– While doing their exploration at the library they were additionally ready to utilize the PC lab to expand their endeavors

– Reports were to be introduced utilizing PowerPoint

– All assets utilized, including flipped classroom learning, were needed to be recorded on the last slide and incorporate hyperlinks

– Students were to accomplish extra work from home. For those without admittance to a PC outside of class, a timetable was set up to permit them to have class time on the PCs we had accessible.

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– All cosmetics work and grade recuperation alternatives were on the PC

– All understudies were needed to go through twenty minutes daily utilizing FCAT adventurer, our state’s arrangement of projects intended to expand essential aptitudes so understudies could prevail on the yearly evaluations of fundamental abilities.

– A printout of the outcomes for each FCAT pioneer practice was to be transformed in, and it would have arrived at the midpoint of into their evaluation

– Students needed to flexibly a thumb drive or some other structure on which to spare and submit work.

Towards the years end

Toward the year’s end, I joined the understudy’s capacity point introductions into scaled-down films dependent on each topic investigated, and I indicated them in class during the last fourteen days of school.

The pride in the essences of the understudies and the discussions that arose between them was something numerous instructors may never will insight.

Maybe the best thing to emerge from these endeavors, from the instructor’s viewpoint, is that the understudies were seldom problematic, participation improved, and understudies succeeded.

Most understudies improved by in any event two evaluation levels in both perusing and math.

I earnestly trust that these tips will, at any rate, assist you with expanding your innovation use in the study hall and bring your understudies higher accomplishment for their prospects.

Barbara Cagle is an instructor and flipped classroom learning who has been online since around 1989. An abundance of data and skill is hers to share, and she does so FREELY and without reservation.

If you need assistance is the spot to go to get to FREE eBooks, articles, and data to assist you with making an accomplishment of your business and get more out of your life.

Make certain to look at my connections page for additional—no Opt-in.

No instalment required. Simply help when you need it flipped classroom.

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How to delete a Facebook group on desktop or mobile




To delete a Facebook group, the group owner has to remove every member of a group and then leave the group.

Group owners are able to delete Facebook groups, whereas group admins are only able to archive a Facebook group (unless the owner leaves), so no new members will be able to join.

Facebook group owners can delete a group by first removing all members. Once the owner is the only person in a group, then they will have the option to delete it.

Group admins can archive a group, meaning that the group will no longer appear in Facebook search to non-members, and no new members can join. Admins can only delete a group if the original owner first leaves the group.

Here’s how to delete a group on Facebook .

1. Go to and navigate to “Groups” on the home page.

2. Select the group that you wish to delete.

3. Navigate to “Members” on the left side of the page.

How to Delete Facebook Group Desktop 3

How to Delete Facebook Group Desktop 3

4. Click the “More” button next to each member’s name and then select “Remove from Group.” Hit “Confirm.”

5. One all members are removed, select the “More” button next to your name. Select “Leave Group” and then “Leave and Delete.”

1. Open the Facebook app on your iPhone or Android phone. Select the “Menu” tab and then select “Groups.”

How to Delete Facebook Group Mobile 1

How to Delete Facebook Group Mobile 1

2. Select “See All” next to “Your Groups,” and then select “See All” again underneath “Groups you Manage” to view all of your groups.

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3. Open the group that you want to delete.

4. Tap on the name of the group, and then tap “See All” to view all of the members.

5. Tap on each person’s name and select “Remove Member” to remove them from the group.

6. Once everyone is deleted from the group, tap on your name and select “Leave Group.” Facebook will confirm that once you leave the group, the group will be deleted. Select “Leave and Delete.”

How to delete Facebook Group Mobile 6

How to delete Facebook Group Mobile 6

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