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Ruth Bader Ginsburg Forbes Net Worth And Biography


Jan 29, 2024
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Ruth Bader Ginsburg Forbes Net Worth And Biography

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was an a justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. She was the second woman to ever serve on the Supreme Court. Ruth Bader Ginsburg Net Worth:$4 Million

Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Salary

Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s annual salary for serving as a justice of the Supreme Court was $255,300.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was an American lawyer and judge who had a net worth of $4 million at the time of her death according to last wealth and asset disclosure. Ruth served as a Justice of the United States Supreme Court from 1993 until her death on September 18, 2020.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was born in Brooklyn, New York in March 1933. She graduated from Cornell University and earned her JD from Columbia University. She served as a professor at Rutgers Law School as well as Columbia Law School and was an advocate for gender equality and women’s rights. Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a volunteer lawyer for the ACLU. She served as a Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit as appointed by President Jimmy Carter from June 1980 to August 1993.

In August 1993 she became an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States as appointed by President Bill Clinton. She was known for belonging to the liberal wing of the court and authored many notable majority opinions. She served for nearly thirty years. Her term ended upon her death in September 2020.

Her personal Life

She was married to Martin Ginsburg from 1954 until his passing in 2010.

In October 2019, Ruth won the $1 million Berggruen Prize, an award given annually to “have profoundly shaped human understanding and advancement”. She donated the prize to charity.

Why is Ruth Bader Ginsburg important?

  • Her legacy includes leading the ACLU’s campaign for gender equality.
  • She advocated for abortion rights for women in the US.
  • She also campaigned for racial equality

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