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Requirements for Opening a Zenith Bank Domiciliary Account


Jan 29, 2024
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Requirements for Opening a Zenith Bank Domiciliary Account.

With numerous online jobs available in the country whose payment currency is in dollars, the need to have a domiciliary dollar account becomes necessary among many Nigerians who are into online businesses, Though we have others who have relatives abroad who also want to own a Domiciliary account. If you fall on any of this category, this post is for you.

Without Wasting much of your time with too many talk, below are all the requirements for opening a Zenith Bank Domiciliary Account.

An account opening form
One passport photograph of authorized signatories
Valid means of identification (Driver’s License, International Passport, National Identity Card or Voter’s Identity Card)
Public Utility Receipt (PHCN bill, water rate bill, tenement rate, rent receipt, telephone bill, etc.) dated not more than the last three months
Visitation Report (Residence)

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