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Princess Eunice Ukwuani’s Foundation Rendered Selfless Support For The Less Privileged In African Communities Amid Covid_19 Pandemic



  • Princess Eunice Ukwuani Foundation has render a selfless support the to less privilege across African community amid corona outbreak in the region.

Princess Eunice Ukwuani’s Foundation has at least put a smile into the faces of African Citizens who felt abandoned amid Corona-virus pandemic, by rendering a selfless support to many African community especially the less privileged and disable.

The negative impart of Covid_19 which came as a surprise to the entire world is not longer a News, it’s so surprising that despite the technological advancement in the world today, the world could still come across a pandemic such as COVID_19 which has crumbled the world economy as well as claim lives as world war 3 could do.

The Economic impart of COVID_19 is more felt in a developing world like African Nation, where foods and appropriate protective equipment are in short supply. this impart left many Africans complaining and crying over food shortage due to the failure of the Government to do the rightful. As a result, a Non Governmental Organization Princess Eunice Ukwuani’s Foundation decided to render a helping hand to African Citizens and the less privilege, with the provision of food, face mask, medical equipment and financial support.

Princess Eunice Ukwuani’s Foundation is a Non Governmental Organization who is dedicated to helping the poor, the less privilege, and Girl-Child and women with disabilities in African community and across the Globe.

The major focus of Princess Eunice Ukwuani’s Foundation in Africa, is to reduce the number of illiteracy in African community by providing free Education and financial need to the less privilege and vulnerable.

The Foundation, Princess Eunice Ukwuani’s Foundation was established by Miss Princess Eunice Ukwani in 2017 and went into operation in 2019 with major branches in Nigeria and New York.

The Founder Miss Princess Eunice Ukwani is best known for her philanthropist gesture, Her generosity inspired her to do more for the needy by coming of with the idea of owning her own foundation. She is an Nigerian, but currently based in the United States of America where she found the organization.

VISION: Helping the less privileged, vulnerable and the disabled children in Africa and across the Globe in achieving their goals and career through education and empowerment.


  • Educate the girl child and women in society
  • Empower differently-abled people in the society through scholarship and skill acquisition programs.
  • Promote gender equality for the girl-child and the vulnerable.
  • Cater and provide better living conditions of the less privileged around the world.
  • Create a synergy with other similar organizations like Lotus Initiative for the Blind (LIB), National Disability Empowerment Forum (NADEF), United Nations, and lot more.

In a recent outreach visit of Princess Eunice Ukwuani Foundation to Communities and villages in Benin City Edo Sate Nigeria, Headed Mr. Bayo Osagie Sylvester (PEUF Nigeria based Coordinator). Items such as Facemasks, Sanitizers, Hand Gloves, food and Financial assistance was given mainly to children and women to assist them in the harsh conditions of the COVID 19 Pandemic.

This outreach was done in three major communities in the state Uselu Community, Iyanomo and Orior Village.

In a statement, Mr Baye stated that, “despite the harsh financial condition of many in the country presently, it is important we make effort to give from what we have to those who do not have at all”. He further stated that “the Princess Eunice Ukwuani Foundation is committed to helping as many as possible as we fight against the deadly Corona Virus”

Mr Baye Osagie meeting with the less privilege

The Princess Eunice Ukwuani Foundation has promise to continue reaching out to many more communities in Africa till their mission is accomplish.

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