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Peter Eagle Net Worth And Biography


Mar 19, 2024
Peter Eagle Net Worth
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Peter Eagle Net Worth: Peter Eagle (born July 1990) is a fiction writer, a multipotentialite creative, who wields diverse gifts. He is a trained architect, fiction writer, painter and computer scientist.

Known also as Pedro Aguilar, the Guatemalan-born American author has written four successfully books: Gems in the Hotel, Zombie: The Curse of the lightless, The Wizard, and Pensamientos de Riqueza.

The writer’s works borders on Fantasy Fiction, Drama, Young Adult Fiction, Mystery and Thriller. A neo-expressionism enthusiast, Peter is known for painting beautiful art pieces and consulting with clients on their architectural projects.

Essential Data

  • Full Name: Peter Eagle
  • Other Name: Pedro N. Aguilar
  • Born: July 1990
  • Age: 31 years old
  • Birthplace: Guatemala
  • Nationality: Guatemalan, American
  • Occupation: Writer, Architect, Painter, Software Engineer
  • Net Worth: $3-4 million (USD)

Early Life Of Peter Eagle

Peter Eagle was born to Guatemalan parents in the Central American country of Guatemala. He was birthed in one of the country’s public hospitals in July 1990. His parents named him Pedro N. Aguilar. However, when he grew older, he decided to use the name “Peter Eagle”. Peter is the English name for Pedro, which is Spanish. While Aguilar means Eagle in Spanish. His mother’s name is Olga Marticorena. 

Spending his formative years in Guatemala City, the capital of his home country, Peter moved to the United States Of America where he began a new life and pursued his higher education. He took up residence in the State Of California. 

Peter has always been a creative human. He first expressed his creative prowess when at the tender age of five, he began to pen down short stories. He would often share these stories with his close friends and family members. As he grew older, his writing improved greatly, and he began to write mind-blowing stories. 

From an early age, he had taken a special interest in reading and would often spend hours reading books he borrowed from the library or his friends and the ones his parents owned. His love for imagining stories and dreaming has been the force driving his writing career, motivating him to keep pressing on. 


Considered to be an astute learner, Peter has had his fair share of a robust education. 

He studied Architecture at Bakersfield College, graduating with a degree. He also bagged a degree in Computer Science from California Baptist University (CBU). 

His desire to be an efficient manager of people and resources made him study Management at Ashworth College. 


For a young writer, Peter has had a successful stint in the fiction writing industry. He is a published author with four commercially successful and critically acclaimed novels: Gems in the Hotel, Zombie: The Curse of the lightless, The Wizard, and Pensamientos de Riqueza. Many lovers of good fiction have taken to Peter, and they have become fans of his works. 

Also, he has several published and unpublished short stories to his credit. As a writer, he has a keen interest in creating fiction stories that revolves around Fantasy Fiction, Drama, Young Adult Fiction, Mystery and Thriller. The gifted writer has also cut his teeth in writing entertaining and engaging scripts, which always leaves a mark on whoever reads them. 

Peter Eagle Net Worth

Besides his work with fiction, Peter is a budding painter. He subscribes to the Neo-Expressionism movement and creates art pieces that aligns with the trend. Most of his works are created for his personal portfolio while some are commissioned paintings. 

As a trained architect, he has worked with a handful of homeowners and developers in creating masterpieces in the form of buildings’ architectural designs. He has also worked as a consultant on a number of building projects in California.  

When Peter isn’t putting his passion for writing to work through creating stories and scripts, he can be found  in front of his personal computer doing great work with Software Engineering. As a computer scientist, he has created a couple of software solutions. 

Published Works

  • Gems in the Hotel
  • Zombie: The Curse of the lightless
  • The Wizard
  • Pensamientos de Riqueza.

Social Media Handles

His stardom in the fiction writing industry means that Peter has a large number of fans. These fans have been showing their love for him by actively following his social media pages. 

The prolific writer currently has 15.1k followers on Instagram. 

  • IG handle: @petereagle_
  • Twitter handle: @petereagle_

Peter Eagle Personal Life.

The man Peter Eagle is a very fine author, both in looks and in the quality of his writing. He turned thirty-one in July 2021. 

Peter is based in California, where he divides his time between Writing, Architecture, Painting, Software Engineering, and music. His free hours are often spent with his face behind a book, due to his voracious reading appetite. 

Peter Eagle Net Worth

Peter’s diversified income pool means that he has a good financial standing at every time of the year. He earns royalties from his books and gets paid to design architectural plans. 

He is estimated to be worth between $3-4 million (USD).

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