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Old video of Bobrisky teaching James Brown how to twerk surface online (Video)


Jan 29, 2024
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As the war of words between controversial cross-dressers Bobrisky and James Brown continue to dominate the entertainment industry, an old video of the duo vibing together has surfaced on social media.

It would be recalled that James Brown called out Bobrisky some hours ago as he accused the number one cross-dresser in Africa of threatening to kill him if he doesn’t stop copying his contact.

Bobrisky fired back at his former apprentice for such claims as he noted that he would eventually end up in jail.

However, James Brown replied to him by insisting he’s not scared of going to jail but things took a new turn when Instagram suspended the account of James Brown.

According to some fans, Bobrisky was the brain behind the action, a motion he denied with immediate effect.

Video of James Brown receiving some lectures from Bobrisky has now surfaced online as fans continue to wonder what might have caused the fallout between both cross-dressers.

See the video below:

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