Numbering All Your PDF Files In A Quick And Swift Way

Numbering All Your PDF Files In A Quick And Swift Way

PDF Files have been one of the most used document formats for a while now. They are being used for meetings, presentations, and all other things they can be used to. That is why tons of people have different problems with them, and one of the most common problems when it comes to PDF files is numbering and arranging them.

That is why certain people thought of helping out by creating a site that would greatly help when it comes to PDF problems. And that site is none other than the one called PDFBear. It has been embedded with many tools to choose from. You can select from converting them up to putting a password on your PDF. Everything is here!

Why Should You Choose PDFBear As Your Main Go-To Website When You Have A PDF Problem

There are countless reasons why you should choose PDFBear as your main assistance website when you have a PDF problem. Just like if you want to add page numbers to PDF. But one of the main reasons is that they have been deemed the best due to how they treat all their customers. They have all the features needed to provide the best experience.

Not only that. With the mere fact that they have been in this industry for a long time now, there is no denying that they have made tons of efforts to provide the best service for all of their customers. So, if you happen to have a problem with your PDF files, please do consider checking PDFBear. Rest assured that you will not regret choosing this website.

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Things To Keep In Mind Before Going Through All The Necessary Steps 

Since you are here on this part of the article, you must have already chosen PDFBear as your main website. But before you can go ahead and continue on the numbering process, you must need to learn all the essential things that you must have so that you would make your experience here even better. Don’t worry. These are just tips to help you further.

For the first tip, you should know that before going to the website, it is vital that you must have all the files with you already so that you would not waste any of your precious time finding them while on the website. Also, please make sure that you have a stable internet connection to not to have a problem in the middle of the process.

Everything That You Need To Do So That You Can Put Numbers On Your PDF

The first thing you need to do to arrange your PDF files and number them is to get all your needed PDF files and upload them on the website. It would not be a problem for you, even if you are not a tech whiz. This is considered the first of four easy and hassle-free steps. So stick around to learn about the other remaining steps.

After Uploading All The Files

Now that you know all the tips and tricks on uploading those files, you can now proceed to the second stage of the process. And that is to wait for a little while for the system to process your documents. Once it has been completed, you will be reached out as soon as possible so that you can proceed to the third step.

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Once You Have Already Been Notified

After the system has already processed your file and you have been notified, you should already have your file with you, and now, you can proceed to the third step, which is to select those pages and choose where you would like to put them. You can position those numbers anywhere you want. It could be at the top, bottom, left, or right. It’s your call! 

Last But Not The Least Of All The Processes

This step is the last one, but you could not say that it is the least because you will see the finished high-quality file. It would put a smile on anyone’s face when they see the fruit of their labor. So, all you need to do is click “Number pages,” After that, you can now download those files on your devices or personal computers.


Those are the things that you need to remember and follow so that you would be able to complete arranging your PDF files in order and putting numbers on them. If you had a great time with PDFBear, please do not forget to share all your experiences with all your friends and colleagues.

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