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New Way To Apply And Become A Publisher In Opera News Platform 2020.



Before now, I guess you are among those who are bothered on how to apply and become a publisher in Opera News Platform, or you are one of those who frequently ask how to become a publisher in Opera News Platform.

In a response to this teaming questions about opera news the360report have been able to carry out research about this great topic on “how to apply and become a publisher in Opera news Platform.

As a blogger or a website owner you will always look for a way to monetize from blogging, especially when you don’t have a good SEO yet. Monetizing your blog is possible with opera news Platform especially when you are a good content creator.

Over the year Opera news remain one of the best way to get recognition for your blog and also to monetize your blogging career

How to apply for Opera News

  • you must have an account with opay to enable you claim your earning, when you are due for payment. Incase you don’t have opay moblie App you can get it on play store.
  • You must have an active Facebook account, opera news has make it easier since you can now apply through Facebook, unlike when you will have to write a mail to the company which usually take much time for them to reply.
  • You must have a working E_mail address this is to enable you register with ease.
  • If you have all this requirement then click here to register now

Please Note that Opera news will not accept you instantly it usually takes up to 2-9 hours for them to accept.

I wish you best of luck, please give us a feedback after you have been able to register successful and don’t forget to share this with friends.