Natural Ways To Tighten Your Vagina And Enjoy Your S*xual Life.

The cause of a loose vagina is due to the natural tearing and stretching of the vaginal walls.

Are you caught up in questions like “how can I make my vagina tighter?” and are looking around the internet for

It sounds like an unusual problem to have, but it’s a big issue which impacts a lot of women! Childbirth, obesity, previous gynecological surgery, frequent lifting of heavy items, these are the many causes of this vaginal condition.

The good thing is that there are ways to get back the tight vagina. Many women decide to make vulvovaginal plastic surgery and designer vagina surgery to tighten the vaginal walls and this treatment can have health risks. There are some natural ways that can help you make your vagina tighter at home.

 5 natural ways to tighten your vagina

1. Yoga

A helpful tip on how to tighten your vagina at naturally is to perform yoga. Gentle movements in yoga can help you strengthen your vagina walls, your pelvic muscles, and the whole body muscles. Just perform this simple exercise at home.

2. Healthy diet

An effective tip on how to tighten your vagina is through nutritional intervention. A healthy diet will strengthen your pelvic floor. Feed your pelvic muscle correctly on a daily basis to ensure its proper repair. Take meals that are rich in natural estrogens like carrots, apples, soybeans, sesame seeds and many more.

3. Vaginal Cones

An excellent natural way to strengthen the walls of your vagina is with vaginal cones. These cones come with varying weights attached to them. The exercise, which has to be performed for 15 minutes twice a day, involves sliding a cone inside, beginning with the lightest cone you can easily retain and substituting it with a heavier one as your pelvic muscles become firm.

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4. Kegel exercise

Kegel exercise has been proven to effectively help women regain their lost tightness. These types of exercises target the kegel muscles which supports your pelvic floor and forms the base of the vagina.

5 Squats

You might find this surprising, but yes, a squat is another movement that can potentially tighten your vag. In fact, our ancestors used to do all their works in this pose.

The good thing about this is that it workout your bum, core and legs. It is recommended that you do this on regular basis rather than doing it for a few hours once per week.

How to perform squat?

In order to perform this safely and correctly, you have to follow the following steps:

Stand with your feet evenly spaced.

Hold a light bard in your hands and place it just above and at the front of your shoulders.

Go into a sitting motion slowly with your knees bent.

Make sure that your thighs are parallel to the floor.

Slowly bring yourself back-up into the standing position.

Repeat steps 1-5

To get the best result take the whole process slowly and be in control. Keep the mass on your heels because it reduces the possibilities of injuries.

Summary and conclusion

Their are many ways you can tighten your vagina naturally without any medical attention, they are 1 yoga 2 healthy diets 3 vagina cones 4 kegel exercise 5 Squats.

Please Always remember that you have to execute all these processes properly to reap good results. Always do so with extreme caution to avoid injuries.

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