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LL Cool J Forbes Net Worth And Biography


Nov 30, 2023

LL Cool J net worth

NCIS: Los Angeles star LL Cool J is a successful actor, musician, host, and businessman. After 35 years in the entertainment industry, LL is reported to have a net worth of $120 million.

LL Cool J has been in NCIS Los Angeles since it first started 11 years ago. He will be back along with the rest of the cast of the CBS drama for season 12 as well. But what is the actor behind Agent Sam Hanna worth in real life? Here’s everything you need to know about LL Cool J’s net worth.

Cool J earns a whopping £116,775 ($150,000) per episode of NCIS LA, according to Bankrate.

LL Cool J Forbes Net Worth And Biography

This means he earns £2.8million ($3.6million) for a 24-episode season.

So Cool J is living very comfortably with his earnings from the CBS series.

Cool J started off as a rapper, signing his first contract with Def Jam and in 1984 he had his first hit I Need A Beat at just 16-years-old.

This was the start of a blossoming career as he now has numerous platinum albums, two Grammys and has released 13 studio albums.

He has continued to make music, even while he has been on NCIS LA.

Cool J first turned his attention to acting though back in the 90s

The NCIS Los Angeles actor has been in several big-budget movies over the years.

LL Cool J Forbes Net Worth And Biography

These have included The Hard Way, S.W.A.T, Deep Blue Sea, Toys and Any Given Sunday.

He is also the host and producer of television series Lip Sync Battle.

Despite being best known for NCIS LA in recent years, Cool J has been keeping himself busy with various other projects.

LL Cool J net worth $120 Million

LL Cool J Forbes Net Worth And Biography

LL Cool J, on top of his already successful career as a rapper, has an estimated net worth of £93.3 $120million.

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