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Jaywon gifts a less privileged woman wheelchair for her crippled son (Photos/Video)


Sep 28, 2023

Veteran singer and songwriter Jaywon has once again shown why he’s one of the most loved personalities in the entertainment industry as he put a smile on the face of a woman and her son.

With women being celebrated across the world yesterday, March 8, Jaywon joined the rest of the world in the celebration and he made sure life was touched.

The award-winning singer and songwriter surprised a woman who couldn’t get a wheelchair for her son as he helped in buying a new one.

Jaywon made sure the day was memorable for the woman and her son as he paid them a surprise visit to their house to deliver the gift.

The woman’s reaction was priceless as the son could not believe what Jaywon has done for them.

See video and pictures of Jaywon delivering the gift below:

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