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James Brown’s official IG account suspended after bitter fallout with Bobrisky


Nov 30, 2023

Controversial cross-dresser James Brown’s official Instagram account has been suspended by the platform just hours after he called out after he called out Bobrisky.

Things took a dramatic turn some hours ago when James Brown called out Bobrisky as he noted that his colleague called him to accuse him of copying his contents.

James Brown noted that Bobrisky threatened to kill him if he does not stop.

However, Bobrisky fired back at him as he threatened to send him to jail.

Though James Brown replied by insisting that he’s not afraid of prison, his official Instagram account is no more on the photo-sharing-app.

A search for James Brown official Instagram account is currently not surfacing on the platform and it’s a news that will bring no joy to his fans and followers.

Reasons why James Brown official Instagram account has been suspended is still unknown but many fans will be skeptical of Bobrisky due to his influence in the media.

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