Is It Safe to Buy an Essay Online?

The world has become very competitive and everybody is looking for a way to stay ahead. This could be in your life, profession, schooling, or all other areas of your life. In university circles, there is a preference nowadays for contracting another person to help them with their assignments. There is a question of whether one can buy an essay safely online.

 Because of the aggressive competitiveness for students who are seeking to join colleges, it has come out that parents and a number of undergraduates are hiring co-writers to assist them in this area.

As you are aware, there are some websites that assist students in essay writing. There is a fine line between seeking help from a professional academic writer to help you with writing your paper from the beginning and buying an essay online from real experts.

If you are conflicted about the morality of buying essays online, how not to get caught, how you can use the purchased essay and not plagiarize, how useful these essays are to you, this article will help put an end to your worries. Ensure you contact an expert essay agency to help you with your essay. 

Though there are certainly some websites that are credible to you and would allow you to get your order done with complete safety, it should be safe to buy an essay online. Many of the usernames of websites are fake. Many of them have many profiles that don’t have any profile pictures, apart from the fact that a large part of these sites is illegal. The usernames and avatars have the name and pictures of those not born on this planet. 

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Most of them also have names and photos of those born from the 3rd century B.C. and up. These websites are selling fake documents that may get you arrested or charged with money laundering. So be sure that any place you choose to pay for your essay has a URL address that has no red flag.

Personal Safety

Let’s assume that you are on a holiday and your writing guide sends you a completed assignment. You can’t do much about personal safety with such an unknown person. They may be around you at all times, and in your comfortable position, it would be easy for them to do anything. Your family is concerned, as they can’t afford to have you in jail in the future. 


A student who wants to buy essays online to pass their exam should keep their own safety in mind. Buying essays online some websites even have a low requirement for your order. For example, the site Sophos can be seen as a safe haven. They say that “most essay websites request that you send all the documents to us before you complete your order”. But the most important thing is they are willing to guarantee your personal safety.

Privacy and Confidentiality

In my humble opinion, the main reason why people choose to hire the help of another individual is the fact that the former is most likely the guardian of the online reputation. They feel that they can benefit from the other person’s experience and probably expect that their actions will go undetected. They feel safe from getting into trouble with the site’s owners or the person who is helping them. This is actually not the case. 

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The biggest problem is that most of the people who want to hire someone to help with their essays are usually young. This is the case for students. Moreover, they are highly vulnerable to certain temptations and are often tempted to not give full attention to the task at hand. In addition to this, most essay writers can be bought quite easily.

Quality of the Services

An important aspect of the essay writing service is its trustworthiness. You will need to consider that you are paying somebody who will not spend his time and effort to receive the money from you but is working to meet your goal of publishing your essay. There is no point to apply for these services if you know they don’t have a good reputation. 

Creativity is one of the elements that come with different essay writing services. To be sure, it is the delicate balance between the specifics of the topic, the language of the essay, and the way that you will present the information that has been presented. On the other hand, you will not be guaranteed a top-notch essay because they are dependent on your composition’s quality and not the composition’s style or content.


Plagiarism in academia is not allowed. If you are buying an essay, this is one thing you should be wary of. The only way to beat this is by going to expert writers who guarantee papers that are a hundred percent unique and plagiarism-free. Such agencies only hire the best and if a writer gives you plagiarized work, they are let go immediately.

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After purchasing an essay online, you can run it through Copyscape (this is a program that detects plagiarism) to check if there is an article similar to the one you have purchased. Some online writing agencies use shortcuts and might give you an article that was previously sent to someone else. That is why you should do your own due diligence.  

After much research and thought, I have a positive answer. The essay writing services are just not doing any harm but have actually been beneficial. To be honest, no matter if you are using a brand new website or a more established website, it is essential to verify the way you purchase the paper. You have to make sure you have gotten a legitimate service, which provides high-quality writing services. 

There are also several sites on the internet that claim to be providing essay writing services but are actually scams and the only way you can tell them apart is by browsing around. Remember that you will be getting a REAL essay writing service that is able to deliver your assignment on time.


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