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How to tag someone in your Facebook status on desktop and mobile



There are a couple of ways to tag your Facebook friends both on desktop and in the mobile app.

You can tag both friends and pages in your Facebook status.

Tagging friends is a way to show that you’re currently with them, to call their attention to something you want them to see, or to simply give them a shoutout.

Facebook, at its core, relies on our connections with other people and our ability to blow up their notifications by tagging them in funny videos, memes, and statuses.

Whether you want to check in to your favorite restaurant with a best friend, or write a lengthy post of gratitude to your closest family and friends, there are a couple of ways to tag your friends on Facebook.

1. Start typing your status and hit “@” followed by the person’s name. Wait until the drop-down menu offers you the names of your friends or pages you are following. The menu also includes pages you don’t follow or haven’t liked just based on how they might fit what you typed in.

2. Choose the correct friend or page from the list. Then finish typing out your status and hit share.

You can also use the “Tag Friends” feature:

1. Choose the “Tag Friends” button when creating a new status.

Eva Recinos/Business Insider

2. A “with” field will appear and you can type in your friend’s name, without the need for the @ symbol.

3. You should see the field now shows “with” and the name of your friend. After that you can your post the status.

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1. Much like you would on desktop, start typing your status and hit “@” followed by the person’s name. Wait until the drop-down menu offers you the names of your friends or pages you are following.

2. Choose the name or page that you want from the drop-down menu and then post your status.

You can also use the icon underneath your status text.

1. Click the icon of a figure with a tag near it.

2. From the menu that appears, select “Tag People.” You can also select this before you even start typing out your status.

3. Start typing in your friend’s name and then choose the correct name from the suggestions that appear in the drop-down menu.

After that, post your status. It will now show up as your text, along with your name and the tagged person. So for example, “Eva Recinos is with” and then the name of the friend I tagged.

From here, you can add photos, check in, add a “Feeling/Activity/Sticker” or any of the other options available in that same drop-down menu. Then just post your status and you’re done.


Where to buy the DGT label cheaper in 2021




Where to buy the DGT label cheaper in 2020!

According to the National Plan for Air Quality and Protection of the Atmosphere 2013-2016, particles such as nitrogen dioxide present in road traffic are the main source of pollution in large cities. For this reason, in recent years, large urban centers have been stricter with polluting emissions from vehicles and are applying increasingly stringent anti-pollution protocols. Madrid is a clear example, since last November 30, 2018, a low emissions zone called Madrid Central (now Madrid 360) has been active.
As a result of this national plan, the General Directorate of Traffic created four environmental labels (Eco, Zero emissions, C and B) with the aim of positively discriminating against the most environmentally-friendly vehicles. Initially, these labels were delivered to drivers by the DGT at no cost. However, we currently have to pay a small amount of money to acquire them.
Most people think that the current price of these badges is set by the DGT, but this is far from the truth. In fact, the truth is that environmental labels do not have any Traffic rate because the DGT does not trade with them. Therefore, contrary to what most people think, the DGT has nothing to do with its marketing price. According to official sources from the DGT, the amount that must be paid for the purchase of the labels is governed by the free play of supply and demand and depends on the institutions and organizations that market them.: post offices, workshops, managers, dealers, online platforms, etc. This explains why we find different prices in the market when buying labels.

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Where are the cheapest labels sold?

Knowing that there is no single rate for DGT labels, these are the cheapest points of sale :


You can buy the label of your vehicle at the physical post office or through its online store. If you buy it in an office, the price of the label is 5 euros with VAT included. Of course, you will have to present the vehicle’s driving license and your National Identity Document (DNI). On the other hand, if you buy the label through the CoreOS online store, the price is still five euros, although to this figure you must add the shipping cost (2.99 euros) . In case of buying two or more labels, the postage is free.


Environmental badges can be found in all workshops associated with the Spanish Confederation of Workshops (CETRAA), thanks to the agreement reached between the DGT and CETRAA. Although the price may change depending on the province, as a general rule the labels cost five euros including VAT. To be able to buy yours, you must present your DNI and circulation permit at the workshop.


Nor auto workshops also sell DGT labels for five euros including VAT. To get yours, you must go to a nor auto workshop with your DNI and circulation permit.
The technological consultancy ANSIB Net Solutions enabled the Stickers-DGT online platform in collaboration with the Institute of Automotive Studies (IDEAUTO) and the DGT to facilitate the distribution of the labels. Accessing their website, you can buy the label of your car for 6.5 euros with VAT and shipping costs included.

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Through the website of the National Association of Motor Vehicles, Repair and Parts (GANVAM) you can also buy your environmental badge. If you access the website, you will find different prices depending on whether you are associated with GANVAM and the number of badges you buy, since it is a service focused on the provision of fleets.
• From 1 to 4 labels: 11 euros per unit (not associated) and 9 euros per unit (associated).
• From 5 to 9 labels: 10 euros per unit (not associated) and 8 euros per unit (associated).
• From 10 to 49 labels: 9 euros per unit (not associated) and 7 euros per unit (associated).
• More than 50 labels: 8 euros per unit (not associated) and 6 euros per unit (associated).


Through the website of the administrative agency of the European Automobile Commission (CEA) you can also buy the environmental badge of your car. If you are a CEA member, the label will cost you 7.80 euros, while if you are not a member, the price rises to 8.40 euros. It should be noted that the price includes home delivery. To acquire your label you just have to pay the fee, fill in a form and attach your ID and circulation permit.


Collegiate administrative managers also distribute environmental labels, so you can ask your manager for the label of your car. As for the price, it is not specified, because it depends on the manager.


An agreement between the Madrid Automobile Association (AMDA) and the Dealer best agency allows the acquisition of environmental labels in Madrid for a price of 6.65 euros (5.5 euros + VAT) . To request your label you must attach your scanned ID and circulation permit to the e-mail address [email protected] and pay the corresponding fee. The label will be sent to one of the official dealers associated with AMDA, where you can come to pick it up in just a few days. If you want to more information regarding automotive or buy a used car in Kenya have a look auto for trade.

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Brand Awareness: what does it mean? What is the meaning of a concept so dear to the world of web marketing? This term allows you to combine two aspects.

On the one hand, you have the brand, that is to say, the brand with all its load of meanings and values. On the other hand, you know, the ability to be remembered and obtain concrete benefits from a strategic presence in the mind of the potential audience.

In the daily frenzy of writing, publishing, replying to comments, and curbing criticism, did you forget to curate your brand? Big mistake, here’s how to remedy and increase profits by working on your brand. The most precious asset, here.

The topics of the post

  • What is brand awareness: definition
  • Why brand awareness is worthwhile
  • Measuring the brand: the Aaker pyramid
  • How to increase brand awareness
  • How to measure brand awareness (KPI)
  • What differences with brand reputation
  • Brand and marketing: are you working on it?

What is brand awareness: definition

The term brand awareness means the notoriety of the brand in a strategic sense. That is how a name is positioned in the minds of the people you want to reach and who represent your buying audience.

Through awareness, a brand manages to position itself in people’s minds and increase sales by completely bypassing the competition. Because brand awareness allows you to identify a product or service with a question. Let’s start working on the point. But first, let’s clarify a couple of essential principles to address the topic related to personal brand awareness.

Brand protection

Activities, ranging from trademark registration to legal actions, are dedicated to everything related to the protection of your brand concerning the activity of competitors.

Brand identity

That is to say, the brand image, how the brand appears in the eyes of the public. Marketing actions are aimed at defining and strengthening this theme.

Personal branding

All the activities are put into practice to make sure that the brand of the individual is improved. Making personal branding is essential to freelance.

Why brand awareness is worthwhile

Through a good marketing strategy, you can increase brand awareness and make people recognize you, your name, and your brand, as an ideal choice to satisfy certain needs. Do you know what this means?

Cancel the competition problem. People need to know your brand and make the choice to go directly to what you do. When you work only with brand awareness you are the first possibility that comes to mind to those who buy.

You position yourself in a perennial blue ocean. But to do this you have to work hard. That’s why KissAnime wants to create good brand awareness.

All this without forgetting the close relationship between brand awareness and SEO. Today, you can’t just count on the ability to rank your site on Google – you need to get people looking for you. Directly. Without going through (only) the informational keywords but exploiting the importance of the navigational ones.

Measuring the brand: the Aaker pyramid

Before starting to work to strengthen the brand, can we evaluate the work done so far? The starting point is that proposed by David Aaker.

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A marketing and brand strategy expert who sees the brand as assets and liabilities that add or subtract value to a good or service. All of this is defined through the pyramid of brand awareness. In particular?

No brand knowledge

Unaware of the brand, i.e. there is no awareness of who you are and what you do. You are at zero grade of brand awareness. So you have only one chance: to improve.

Acknowledgment of your name

Someone gets to know the job, your brand. This is done through a memory recall. So with an external contribution that suggests the name.

Brand recall

Presence is now associated with a particular basket of goods and services. In isolation, without any reference or contribution from external actors.

Top of mind

The apex of the pyramid. When someone thinks or speaks the name of an article, it is automatically associated with your work. An example? Think Walkman!

How to increase brand awareness

An important job awaits you. That cannot be done in a few months, building brand awareness is a process that takes years.

Think of Apple, Coca-Cola, and Samsung: giants that have taken decades to be remembered. Do you want to try? Start from these points to strengthen the brand.

Define the brand strategy

The brand is the promise you make to the public, it’s what people expect when you start communicating. This is why the branding strategy must be defined a priori: you cannot improve brand awareness if you don’t know what and how to say.

There must be a compact brand strategy that identifies a mission, an objective to be achieved. And of the values ​​that hide behind the name that must be accompanied by a slogan and a pictogram. Even from a tone of voice.

Create quality content

Do you want to be recognized immediately? Communicating is your starting point. This means putting the creation of something in the foreground, a content marketing job that knows how to become useful for its audience.

You can think of corporate blogging activity, or perhaps native advertising and storytelling. Everything can become a tool to increase brand awareness if there is a strategy behind it. You can’t improvise in these cases.

Brand awareness online and offline: the logo

It is important to communicate continuity between what you do online and your offline image. Everything must be treated in detail. For this reason, I recommend studying a graphic solution that recalls colors and concepts. In summary, you need to create a logo:

  • Single.
  • Recognizable.
  • Reproducible.
  • Simple.

Blog images are also a great way to reinforce the brand by reproducing the logo. Not a wizard (or a sorceress) with Photoshop? No problem: you can create simple infographics and templates with online applications like Canva.

Unify your image

You have a thousand social profiles, each with a different image, background, and name. The biography stops 10 years ago and is written in a style that no longer belongs to you.

The same goes for letterhead, portfolio, business card, and other accessories. I suggest that you unify the parameters of your image so that they respect the colors, the logo, the writing, and the face you have chosen to present yourself online.

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For social media, I also recommend that you insert simple biographies, which focus only on the experiences related to your business. One more tip: use information that you don’t have to change every year. Here is a concrete example:

  • I have been working as a web writer for 5 years.
  • I have been working as a web writer since 2014.

The first option forces you to revise the figure every year, the second always remains valid. These are also details that make the difference.

Talk to your audience

Several times I have stressed the importance of simple writing,  adequate to the needs of the target. Setting a tone with big words and periods as a university professor is useless. To get in touch with readers you have to take to the streets.

You can use social media to talk to readers: they are essential for these goals. And to get the most you have to merge them with the blog. A few examples:

  • Share on Twitter a comment you left on your blog.
  • Suggest that followers leave an opinion.
  • Ask your followers or fans to recommend a topic for the next article.
  • Create an article based on a tweet, and embed it at the beginning of the post.

This is a taste of the techniques for building relationships with social networks. An important role is played by private communication between you and your readers. Responding politely to an email is a good way to add value to your brand.

SEO and branded guest post

How many guest posts did you write to earn a link? Certainly okay. But I recommend that you do guest blogging mainly to strengthen your brand, to get other people to read your name. And link it to quality text.

Guest blogging is a perfect tool to make brand awareness, to increase the spread of your name in a given audience. But it is necessary:

  • Choose carefully the blog that will host you.
  • Write truly unique content.
  • Avoid promotional texts.
  • Give the blog reader what they are looking for.
  • Respect the owner’s needs.
  • Work well on the biography and presentation.
  • Follow the comments.

The guest post is not a tool to earn a cheap link: the result you will get will be directly proportional to your commitment to the creation of the post.

A question of domination

Your brand can be enhanced with a simple domain. Even with an email address. One of the advantages of buying WordPress hosting is the possibility to activate a domain name that can be traced back to your brand.

What do you think is the easiest email to memorize? And the domain capable of inspiring professionalism? The answer is simple. Remember that it is a good practice to summarize all the information about your business in the footer of the site or blog.

Remember one last point: when you buy a domain you can evaluate whether to bring home the other extensions (the gTLD) in order to do brand protection and prevent competitors from having an easy life.

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How to measure brand awareness (KPI)

The big challenge: understanding how I am behaving and moving to increase brand awareness. Am I doing good things? We need a KPI, a key performance indicator capable of measuring the work done. Is there such a solution?

Brand and navigation searches

What metrics to use to measure brand awareness? I can mention the queries on Google that have your name at the center and that seek certain answers from the site.

This KPI suggests analyzing searches that affect your brand firsthand. Here are hiding individuals who know you, who are looking for your name, and the solution you have prepared. To get this metric you can use the Search Console, the Search Analytics section, or tools like Semrush.

To measure this step it is not enough to obtain the number of navigational and branded queries, you can take a look at Google Analytics and compare it with Search Console to try to understand how visits increase thanks to these searches.

Mentions on sites and social networks

Let’s move from search engines to online discussion platforms. The possibility of improving the brand reputation through the observation of the mentions, the quotes that are made on different realities such as:

  • Forum.
  • Q&A sites.
  • Twitter.
  • Instagram.
  • Blog.
  • Facebook.

These quotations, of course, must be managed in such a way as to understand the content of the reference. The sentiment, that’s it. Is it a criticism or an appreciation?

The community manager’s task is to respond, buffer and intervene in the best possible way. But how is brand awareness measured? Here are some tools:

  • Mention.
  • Hootsuite.
  • Tweetdeck.
  • Talkwalker.

Semrush also has a great monitoring service for projects. With Facebook the situation is different, it is difficult to track profiles but in the last period, the internal research has improved a lot so you can rely on this resource.

Link to the website

Getting hyperlinks isn’t just a useful step for SEO. A corporate blog that manages to get a lot of inbound links also helps improve brand awareness. Because your name is mentioned, indicated as a useful source.

The KPI of brand awareness, however, must not be limited to the number of links collected but to the general quality of the action. Because the work also consists in the search for qualitatively superior connections: contextualized, located in significant areas.

You must also evaluate the absence of nofollow, a condition for having a valid link for ranking purposes but which could be useful in any case for brand awareness.

What differences with brand reputation

Strengthening the brand is the first duty of a good marketing strategy, but you must never fall into confusion: brand awareness remains on a superficial level.

It represents a parameter to measure brand awareness, how well your name can be known in a target audience, in a defined and contextualized audience.

The brand reputation, however, is the view that people have of you. You have to make sure that people not only know your name but share your value. In this delicate balance, the work of brand building becomes decisive.

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How to make Google Chrome the default browser on your iPhone, using iOS 14’s new features




To make Google Chrome the default browser on your iPhone, you’ll need to open its Settings page.

  • f you’ve updated your iPhone to iOS 14 or newer, you can set a variety of internet browser apps as your default.
  • Once you’ve made Chrome the default browser on your iPhone, you can move its icon to the Dock to replace the Safari icon.

The iPhone has been out for over a decade, and for most of that time, Apple has only allowed one browser to be the default: Safari, the one they built.

But starting with iOS 14, you can now change the default internet browser ( as well as your default email app ) by going into your Settings. This means that Google Chrome fans can finally set the app as their default, and use it for all their browsing.

Here’s how to set Google Chrome as the default internet browsing app on your iPhone, and how to fully replace Safari.

First of all, make sure that you’ve downloaded the Chrome app and opened it at least once.

1. Open your iPhone’s Settings app and scroll down until you find the long list of your apps.

2. In this list, tap “Chrome.” This will open the app’s specific settings.

Select Chrome from your app list.

Select “Chrome” from your app list.

3. Tap the tab that’s labeled “Default Browser App.” You’ll be shown all the browsers installed on your iPhone.

This tab will appear in the settings of every app that can be set as the default browser.

This tab will appear in the settings of every app that can be set as the default browser.

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4. Select Chrome. A checkmark will appear next to it.

Safari will be checked off by default.

Safari will be checked off by default.

Google Chrome is now the default browser on your iPhone. Whenever an app tries to open the internet, it’ll open Chrome instead of Safari.

Once you’ve done this, you should add Chrome to your phone’s Dock. This will ensure you never lose it.

If you already have four apps in the Dock, you need to begin by removing one of them to make room for Google Chrome.

1. Tap and hold an app icon until a pop-up appears. In this pop-up, select “Edit Home Screen.”

Select Edit Home Screen.

Select “Edit Home Screen.”

2. Drag the app out of the Dock and place it on the Home screen.

Make room in the Dock for Chrome.

Make room in the Dock for Chrome.

3. Tap and drag the Chrome app icon into the Dock.

4. Tap “Done” in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Drag the Chrome icon to the Dock and then tap Done.

Drag the Chrome icon to the Dock and then tap Done.

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