How to Start a Wholesale Massage Equipment Business

Wondering how to start a wholesale massage equipment business? Starting a business can be a daunting task. But with the right strategy, you can set up a successful wholesale massage equipment business.

In this article, we are going to discuss the right approach to start a massage equipment business.

Let’s start our discussion. First, we will talk about the growing trend of the massage business.  Then we will discuss the simple steps to getting into the wholesale equipment business.

The Trend of a Massage Business

Massage plays a vital role in reducing stress levels and boosting mental health. With regular massage therapy, the immune system gets stronger, and physical fitness increases.

These are major reasons for the increasing trend of massage centers. These massage centers provide different massage therapies. It includes acupuncture, hot stone, Thai, Swedish, and many others.

Well, the increasing number of massage centers, boost the demand for massage equipment.

It is the perfect option for wholesale business. As the increasing demand means there will be higher sales and more profit margin.

Easy Steps to Start the Wholesale Equipment Business

Although all points are favorable to start a massage business. But a wrong step will turn all your efforts into failure. These are effective steps to start this business.

  • Conduct a Search and Make a Business Plan

First of all, there is a need to conduct initial research. Search all the massage therapies in trend.

Also, search for the equipment that is necessary for these massages. In addition, make complete research about your customers.

With this useful data, you can create a business plan. In a business plan decide your mission, your brand name, and other necessary essentials of your business.

Make financial and marketing strategies to streamline everything.

  • Select Location for Business

You need a warehouse to store all the massage equipment and also for administrative work.

Location matters a lot in the massage equipment business. It should be convenient both for suppliers and customers.

In the selected location, utilities like electricity, water, etc. should be available easily.  The size of the warehouse totally depends on the size of your business.

In starting we recommend hiring a small place that can be expanded later on.

  • Find Suppliers

Now it turns to find suppliers for massage equipment. It can be tricky. The reason is that you have to visit different suppliers to find the required equipment.  Following are basic massage equipment.

  • Blankets
  • Sheets
  • Face covers
  • Cushions
  • Massage oils
  • Massage gels
  • Massage stones

These are a few massage equipment but you have to go to different manufacturers for example for blankets and massage oils you have to search for different suppliers.

Online browsing is the best way to find suitable suppliers.

  • Order and Maintain Inventory

Now time to purchase inventory. Wisely order massage equipment. Keep in mind the trending massage therapies. But according to these for example, if cupping therapy is in trend, then must buy cupping equipment.

The next thing that is important in maintaining stock is the tracking of inventory. Must use some software to keep an accurate track of the stock.

  • Ensure Online Presence

Never ignore the importance of online appearance in the massage equipment business. Either develop a website or join any online wholesale platform. Earn high profits by selling massage products in bulk.

When you offer online products that mean generating more sales with less effort.

  • Choose the Right Marketing Campaign

Plan a marketing strategy for your new massage equipment. In order to spread awareness rapidly, use digital marketing methods.

You have an option to use marketing tools. Furthermore, use social media for this purpose. Make attractive pages with the name of your massage equipment business. Give special offers for new customers to attract them.


We tried our best to provide you complete guidelines about starting a wholesale massage equipment business. You want to develop a strong base of wholesale massage products business, don’t ignore even a single step of the above guidelines.

Share your reviews about these steps and which one is most essential? Share your opinion with us.

How to Start a Wholesale Massage Equipment Business

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