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How to start a tiffin service in mumbai


Jan 29, 2024
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How do I start a small tiffin center?

You need to make an initial investment of 20,000- 30,000 on utensils, burner and other essentials needed for cooking. Running a tiffin service involves several recurring costs. Foremost, groceries cost per person, each day for two meals will be around INR 100.

What is profit margin in tiffin service?

Today, the number has spiralled to over 800. They sell around 600 plates per day, with each plate costing Rs 100-200. Estimates suggest their monthly profit is easily over Rs 1 lakh.

How do I advertise my tiffin service?

What you GET by Listing your Tiffin Service with My Meal Dabba

  1. Increase your meal sales by reaching / Serving to more potential customers.
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How much does a tiffin box of the dabbawala cost per month?

There are about 5000 dabbawalas in Mumbai delivering 200,000 dabbas a day. Each dabbawala delivers about 35-40 dabbas daily, at the bare bones price of about 800-1000 rupees ($12-15) a month. Late pick-up comes at a premium price of 1500 rupees ($23) a month.

How much dabbawala earn for a month?

Dabbawalas earn about Rs 12,000 a month. They do other odd jobs after the 9 hours of ferrying tiffin boxes around the city with a 20 minute lunch break in between.

Is dabbawala a Six Sigma?

The Mumbai Dabbawallas deliver food every day from the home to the workplace and they do it with minimal technology, processes, or structure. They became world renowned as a six sigma organization, and were studied by Harvard University.

Who gave dabbawala Six Sigma certification?

This near-perfect system was certified by Harvard Business School as a ‘six sigma system’. According to expert analysts, the possibility of the dabbawalas making a mistake was ‘one in 8 million deliveries’.

Who is the owner of Mumbai Dabbawala?

In 2001, Pawan G. Agrawal carried out his PhD research in “A Study & Logistics & Supply Chain Management of Dabbawala in Mumbai“. He presented his results on the efficiency of Dabbawallas in various fora.

How much do dabbawalas charge?

Rain or shine is no deterrent for the dabbawalas of Mumbai, who deliver home-cooked food to office-goers . But inflation has taken its toll, and the ‘dabba’ is now set to cost ₹100 more a month. Currently monthly charges range from ₹600 to ₹1,000, depending on the distance and the time taken.

What is the price of Dabbawala in Mumbai?

Since 1890, Dressed in white outfit and traditional Gandhi Cap, Mumbai Army of 5,000 Dabbawalas fulfilling the hunger of almost 200,000 Mumbaikar with home-cooked food that is lug between home and office daily. For more than a century our team have been part of this grime-ridden metropolis-of-dreams.

How does Mumbai Dabbawala earn?

Every dabbawala earn the same salary regardless of his job role i.e. approximately INR 8,000 per month. He is an equal shareholder in the Dabbawallah Trust. For the record, the punctual dabbawalas went on strike for the first time ever in 2011 in order to support Anna Hazare’s anti-corruption movement.

How many dabbawalas are there in Mumbai?

The 5,000 or so dabbawalas in the city have an astounding service record. Every working day they transport more than 130,000 lunchboxes throughout Mumbai, the world’s fourth-most-populous city.

How do I contact Mumbai Dabbawala?

Contact Us

  1. PHONE. +91 9870419916. +91 7021425949.
  2. ADDRESS. 23, Navyog Mension, Sleater Road, Naushir Bharucha Marg, Opposite Krishna Palace Hotel,Grant Road, Mumbai – 400007. Navprabhat Chambers, 3rd Floor,Ranade Road,Opposite Waman Hari Pethe Jewellers, Dadar West, Mumbai – 400028.
  3. EMAIL. [email protected].

Is tiffin service a good business?

Tiffin is a business that deals with offering catering services. This business has good potential of growth and expansion because it is very profitable. In order to run Tiffin service successfully, you will require more than a passion for cooking.

What is the major problem dabbawalas want to avoid?

The major problem dabbawalas want to avoid is a shift in their cultural norms. It is deeply rooted in their beliefs system that working population requires home cooked meals as opposed to fast food. The dabbawalas are effective because of a shared concept of beliefs and values among them.

What is the secret of dabbawala success?

The Event was organized in association with CII and Young Indians, Bhopal. The Dabbawalas shared their secret of delivering 2 lakh dabbas on time with an accuracy rate of 99.99% with 100% customer satisfaction. This is the perfect example of excellent supply chain and logistics management.

What are the two Secret of dabbawala success?

During the Session Dr Pawan Agrawal shared the success mantra of Mumbai Dabbawala Association. He said just two thoughts; “work is worship” and “customer is God” are driving the 125 year old institution. That is the culture and attitude with which 5000 dabbawalas work.

What factors made dabbawala successful?

4 Reasons the Dabbawala Supply Chain Succeeds While Corporate Giants Struggle

  • No over-reliance on technology. Sure, the dabbawalas are now using Web technology and SMS for orders, but for the most part this is a fairly low-tech operation.
  • Create an integrated performance chain.
  • Acute visibility.
  • Keep it simple.

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