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How to spell gratitude


Jan 29, 2024
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What is the difference between grateful and gratitude?

The Oxford Dictionary defines the word grateful as “showing an appreciation of kindness.” This is where the difference lies; being thankful is a feeling, and being grateful is an action. Gratitude is more than just the feeling of thankfulness.

What does gratitude mean?

: the state of being grateful : thankfulness expressed gratitude for their support.

What is gratitude simple words?

Gratitude means thanks and appreciation. Gratitude, which rhymes with “attitude,” comes from the Latin word gratus, which means “thankful, pleasing.” When you feel gratitude, you’re pleased by what someone did for you and also pleased by the results.

What is a better word for gratitude?

SYNONYMS FOR gratitude

thank, thankfulness, appreciation, gratefulness.

How do you express yourself and gratitude?

Here are five ways that I’ve used to cultivate self-gratitude in both my career and when running my own business.

  1. Create a gratitude statement. Remind yourself why you enjoy what you do.
  2. Set an intention and do it.
  3. Use daily mantras.
  4. Begin a gratitude journal.
  5. Pause and look back.

What is a big word for thank you?

What is another word for thank you?

much appreciatedmuch obliged
thanks a bunchthanks a lot

How do you write a short thank you note?

What to Write in a Thank You Note

  1. Open your card with a greeting that addresses your card recipient.
  2. Write a thank you message to express your gratitude.
  3. Add specific details to your thank you card.
  4. Write a forward-looking statement.
  5. Reiterate your thanks.
  6. End with your regards.

How do you write a beautiful thank you note?

Writing a thank you note doesn’t need to be difficult or time consuming. Here’s a simple formula that works for any occasion: Express your gratitude and name the gift or action you received. Write a sentence or two about how you benefited from the gift or actions.

How do you say thank you without being awkward?

Express your gratitude.

Any time you receive a compliment, reply with “Thank you.” It’s a simple, but powerful phrase. The person bestowing the compliment will be most receptive to a humble response. Say something like, “Thank you, that’s very kind of you,” orThank you, I appreciate the compliment.”

How do you say thank you to your followers?


  1. You could have picked millions of people to follow… GREAT choice. Thank you.”
  2. “Hey there, thank you for the follow. Glad to have you here, and hope to make it worth your time. Cheers.”

Should I thank my followers?

Should you thank them? It seems like a good thing to do — after all, social media is all about building relationships, and politeness should go rewarded! It would make sense that if you thank your followers, they’ll know you’ve acknowledged them and that will make them more likely to respond to your content…

How do you celebrate 1000 followers?

How to Celebrate 1000 Instagram Followers?

  1. Prepare a Celebratory Post. One of the most common ways to celebrate the reach of 1000 Instagram followers is to prepare a themed celebratory post for your channel.
  2. Throw a Giveaway.
  3. Have a Contest.
  4. Organize a Loop Giveaway.
  5. Make a Donation.
  6. Prepare a Video.

How do I thank my followers on social media?

Here are ways you can show gratitude to your social media supporters.

  1. Post a shout-out. One of the best and simplest ways to acknowledge and thank people for helping out is by simply posting their names on Twitter.
  2. Post a fun photo.
  3. Include someone in a blog or article.
  4. Endorse on LinkedIn.
  5. Thank followers.

How do I thank my followers on Facebook?

Thank you messages for Facebook followers

-Heartiest thanks to all my Facebook supporters; I am highly appreciative of your remarks, posts, comments, and best wishes. Thankful for your love and support. -Here I’m declaring my heartfelt thanks to everybody available on Facebook.

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