How to share your screen in a BlueJeans call on a computer or mobile device

You can share your screen in a BlueJeans video call by simply pressing the “Share Screen” button. Both the desktop and mobile BlueJeans apps allow you to share your screen.

When you share your screen on BlueJeans, the framerate will be reduced, so GIFs and videos might not display correctly.

Working from home is quickly becoming both a more prevalent and prudent option for some employees.

Remote work is also more accessible than ever, thanks to tools like the video conferencing platform BlueJeans . With BlueJeans, you can easily conduct meetings with a remote team as if you were all in the same room together.

And when leading a meeting, sharing your computer screen is often the easiest way to get your message across, whether you’re clicking through a slideshow presentation or taking notes.

Here’s how you can share your screen with your team via a BlueJeans meeting, using the desktop app for Mac and PC or the mobile app for iPhone and Android devices.

1. Open the Blue Jeans app on your Mac and PC and join a meeting.

2. Once you’re in your meeting, click “Share Screen” at the top of the window.

3. Select the “Click here to start sharing this screen” option.

When you’re done, you can click the “Share Screen” option again to stop.

Just like that, you’re all set. Remember, however, that videos and other moving visuals may not display correctly, since the audience will see your screen at a lowered framerate.

1. Open the BlueJeans app on your iPhone or Android device and join a meeting.

2. At the bottom of the screen, there will be a number of different options. Tap the icon that has three dots on it.

3. In the menu that appears, tap the “Share Screen” option. When it asks you if you want to start sharing, accept.

You’ll now be able to use any other app and have it be shared with others on the call. Note, however, that videos and other moving visuals might not display at full speed on the call.

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