How to share your Outlook calendar with others to coordinate events, meetings, and more

  • You can share your Outlook calendar with others via email, to coordinate meetings and appointment times.
  • When you share your Outlook calendar, you can change its permissions, so others can edit it or simply view it.
  • You can share your Outlook calendar with anyone who has an email address, even if they don’t use Outlook.

Microsoft Outlook is Microsoft’s software suite, which bundles together email, contacts, calendars, and more.

Over the past two decades, Outlook has become an office essential. In many companies, schools, nonprofits, and more, Outlook remains the go-to communication platform.

As such, there are many cases where you’ll need to coordinate with your friends or colleagues for events or meetings. This is when it’s a good idea to share your Outlook calendar.

Here’s how to do it, using Microsoft Outlook for Mac or PC.

How to share your Outlook calendar

1. Open Outlook and click “Calendar” in the menu at the bottom-left.

2. At the top of the page, click “Share Calendar” and then select the calendar to be shared.

3. In the Calendar Properties box, click “Add.”

4. Enter the contact (or email address) of the person with whom you’re sharing the calendar. Then click “Add.”

5. Click “OK” when you’re done. 

6. You can also change the default permission level by selecting “Choose your permissions” — you can switch it to “Can view all details” or “can edit,” for example — and then hit “OK” to save the setting.

And note that while you can share a calendar with someone who doesn’t have a Microsoft email account (,,, etc.), they can only view the calendar, and can’t make edits.

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