How to revert the Windows 11 taskbar to the Windows 10 style

  • Windows 11 lets you revert to a Windows 10-style taskbar by accessing the Personalization page in the Settings app. 
  • Windows 11 features a massively redesigned taskbar that’s centered on the desktop.
  • Alignment aside, other changes to the Windows 11 taskbar cannot be reverted. 

Among the many changes in Windows 11 is a completely redesigned taskbar. It’s fundamentally different — and while the most obvious change is the new Mac-like centered design, it’s also missing a lot of customization, drag-and-drop file launching, right-click access to the Task Manager, and other features that have been a core part of the taskbar through many versions of Windows. 

Unfortunately, most of those changes in the Windows 11 taskbar are permanent and can’t be reverted back to the Windows 10 style (at least until the next version of Windows, which might include a more robust taskbar). But there is one thing you can change right now: You can revert the Windows 11 centered taskbar back to the more traditional left-justified taskbar from Windows 10.

The Windows 11 taskbar.
By default, the new Windows 11 taskbar is centered on the desktop, but you can make it left-justified like on Windows 10.

How to revert the Windows 11 taskbar to the Windows 10 style

1. Click Start and then click Settings.

2. In the navigation pane on the left, click Personalization

3. In the Personalization settings, click Taskbar

Personalization Settings in Windows 11.
You’ll find the taskbar options in the Personalization tab of the Settings app.

4. Click Taskbar behaviors

5. To the right of Taskbar alignment, click Center and, in the drop-down menu, choose Left

Left-justifying the taskbar in Windows 11.
You can choose to make the taskbar centered or left-justified using the Taskbar behaviors option in Settings.

The taskbar will slide to the left of the screen immediately. 

Quick tip: If you miss having right-click access to the Task Manager from the taskbar, start the Task Manager app from the Start menu. Right-click the app icon in the taskbar and choose Pin to Taskbar. This permanently adds it to the taskbar.

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