How to reset bit heroes

How do I get my old bit heroes back?

Select sign-in and enter your Kongregate username and password. Once you are signed in you should be prompted to either keep your new character or recover your previous character. Select your previous character.

How do I switch accounts on bit heroes?

Log out of your kong account on your phone then log back in, oce you’ve dont that the game will ask which account you will want to keep and pick the account. once you’ve done this just go onto a computer and it should be the same account as your phone!

How do I link my bit Heroes account?

Simply launch the Bit Heroes app and, once you reach the main town hub, select the red K in the bottom right corner. Select ‘sign-in‘ and enter your Kongregate username and password. Once you have signed into the Kongregate account, your character will be saved and linked.

Is bit heroes cross platform?

Friday, July 19, 2019 — Modern Times Group MTG AB portfolio company Kongregate – a crossplatform game publisher and web gaming destination – today announces the acquisition of Bit Heroes, a successful indie mobile and web role playing game (RPG) from American Reno-based developer Juppiomenz.

How do I link my Kongregate to steam?

Simply log into Kongregate on your phone and when the option appears to link your Kongregate progress to your phone click Connect and then select the RIGHT option. From that point, you can generate Link Codes on Kongregate and paste them into Steam/Armor/Facebook in order to play your mobile account on those platforms.

Can you link idle champions?

We aren’t. The main reason we are not linking Apple iPad and Android Tablet account progress to Steam is because keeping them separate allows us to do things like find and fix bugs better.

How do you get familiars in idle champions?

Familiars are small creatures that can be purchased with either real money, gems, or in the patron shops that allow the player to automate clicking and leveling up Champions. They get unlocked after having reached area 66 in any campaign.

How do you unlock the hitch idle champions?

Sign-up for the official Idle Champions newsletter to unlock Hitch, earn free weekly chests, and get the latest game updates.

What can you buy with gems idle champions?

Gems are used for purchasing Chests, at a cost of 50 gems per silver chest, or 500 gems per golden chest, familiars, namely: Mage Hand , Pixie , Almiraj , Armored Juniper , Boo , Raven , Quasit , and Zorbo , Feats for champions, or the second Modron core.

How do you get gems idle champions?

Can you buy gems in idle champions?

The Gem Store is a new feature coming to Idle Champions on September 16th, 2020! What is it? Oh, I‘m glad you asked! It’s a new tab in the in-game Shop that features items you can only purchase with gems!

How do you farm Azaka?

How To Farm Azaka

  1. Step 1: Isolate a Mob at your Wall. Krull should be in Pilfer specification and equipped Venomous Touch and Increase Toxicity feats.
  2. Step 2: Debuff the Mob. Havilar, swap her in and put familiar on her.
  3. STEP 3: Setup Gold Find Formation.
  4. Step 4: Pop Your Potions.
  5. Step 5: Sustain Your Farm.

How do I use patrons in idle champions?

Once you’ve unlocked a patron, you can activate them on the campaign map after you’ve completed your current adventure. Look on the right-hand side of the screen to see the patron selector. When active, the campaign map will show you all available patron variants and free plays for your chosen patron.

How do you unlock mirt the moneylender?

Mirt becomes available once the player has:

  1. 2000 total loot levels.
  2. 20 champions unlocked.

What is a loot level idle champions?

Your combined loot level would be the combined levels of all the items on all of your champions.

How do you get time gate pieces?

Time Gate Pieces can be found rarely when killing Bosses. Once you find a Time Gate Piece, there is a cooldown timer of about 5 days before another one can drop.

How to reset bit heroes

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