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How to remove crankshaft pulley


Jan 29, 2024
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How do you remove a crank pulley without a puller?

There is a way to do it. You put a wrench on the pulley bolt and block the other end against the floor or the frame. Then you use the starter motor to turn the engine (DO NOT START IT, JUST TURN IT) for at most one or two revolutions of the crank. Just enough to break the bolt loose.

Is crankshaft pulley bolt reverse thread?

The crank bolt is not a reverse thread.

How do you remove a crankshaft bolt without impact?

Which direction does the crankshaft pulley bolt turn?

So, if you braced the breaker bar, you would effectively be loosening the bolt by turning it in the opposite direction that the engine turns, right? If that’s the case, then the bolt tightens clockwise, loosens counterclockwise, so therefore is threaded in the standard direction.

Can you turn the crankshaft?

The most precise way to rotate the engine over by hand is to place a large socket on the front crankshaft bolt, attach a long ratchet wrench, and rotate the crank. The longer the wrench handle the more precise the movement.

How do I stop my crankshaft pulley from turning?

Jam a pry bar/screwdriver btw the torque converter (5AT)/flywheel (6MT) teeth and the case. This will enable you to stop the crankshaft pulley from turning in either direction. Grab a torque wrench and tighten the bolt to 180ftlbs or 45ftlbs+ additional 60 degrees. Caution: Please go easy and be safe!

Which way do you turn a crankshaft?

Engine, or crankshaft rotation, is the direction the engine spins: either clockwise or counterclockwise. Most vehicles have the standard rotation, counterclockwise.

What happens if you turn your crankshaft counterclockwise?

Even if the belt does slip it will do no permanent damage, but you would have to resinstall the timing belt as per the garage instructions. If you turned the crank bolt counterclockwise you might have loosened the bolt some. You should probably retorqe the bolt.

What happens if you turn the crankshaft the wrong way?

when you rotate the engine the wrong way (CCW) you put slack in the side that usually is being pulled, then the chain has a chance to skip teeth. the tensioner will compress without oil pressure if enough force is applied.

Should you be able to turn the crankshaft pulley by hand?

Recommended Services. The only pulleys you should be able to turn by hand when the serpentine belt is not in place are: the water pump, alternator, and power steering pump pulleys. That you cannot rotate either cam or crankshaft pulleys by hand is completely normal.

How do I know if my crankshaft pulley is bad?

Bad Crankshaft Pulley/Harmonic Balancer Symptoms

  1. 1) Engine Vibrations. The first symptom that will likely come up are engine vibrations.
  2. 2) Alternator Failure. The crankshaft pulley is responsible for powering the alternator.
  3. 3) Power Steering Pump Failure.
  4. 4) Transmission Damage.
  5. 5) Irregular Idle Engine Speed.

How do I turn my crankshaft pulley by hand?

Correspondingly, how do you turn a crankshaft by hand? The most precise way to rotate the engine over by hand is to place a large socket on the front crankshaft bolt, attach a long ratchet wrench, and rotate the crank. The longer the wrench handle the more precise the movement.

What causes crankshaft pulley to break?

What causes crankshaft pulley damage? Similarly, if the belt tension is too strong or the auxiliary equipment has failed the pulley will also fail. The cause is linked to the coupling having made contact with the flywheel rim.

How long does a crankshaft pulley last?

How long does a crankshaft pulley last? They should last 70k ish, trouble is when you buy a new one its not a new one, its one that has been sitting on a shelf in a FGP warehouse for ten years.

When should I replace crankshaft pulley?

Signs that your crankshaft harmonic balancer needs to be replaced include:

  • The engine is loud and you feel vibrations coming from your engine.
  • The pulley belt may slip causing your vehicle to backfire or misfire.
  • The vehicle’s ignition timing will be off.
  • The vehicle will not start at all.

What a bad pulley sounds like?

Squealing. When the engine is idling, a bad pulley may make a squealing sound. This is due to the bearings in the pulley going bad. The bearings may also make various other sounds such as clattering or even a rumbling sound, making the vehicle sound as if there was much more wrong than a bad pulley.

Can you drive with a bad pulley?

A damaged pulley can cause the drive or serpentine belt to dislodge. So, how long can you drive with a bad idler pulley? The safety recommendation is not to drive the car at all and take it to a mechanic immediately. You should be concerned if the vehicle makes squeaking or rattling noises.

Can a bad pulley cause loss of power?

Technically speaking, yes, an idler pulley will result in a slight power loss.

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