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How To Cope And Recover From Divorce, Heart Break, Betrayal And A Failed Relationship.


Jan 29, 2024
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How To Cope And Recover From Divorce, Heart Break, Betrayal And A Failed Relationship.

Love is the most beautiful thing in the world when both partners in love are appreciative, caring and understanding, but Love scorned when it’s un-reciprocated, unappreciated this will leave the partners desolate, Unfulfilled and bare.

We all hope to have the best relationship with our partner loving us just as much as we do to them, but sometimes reverse is the case, Research shown that everyone experience one-side or unreturned relationship at least once once in his lifetime, but in some persons it might be more than just one.

Believe me, because you got hurt in the past because your love was not reciprocated does not really mean you won’t meet a true lover someday. Chances are that you might not believe it because you are depressed and hurt.

It is in time like this people go downhill, they start hating and stop caring about themselves including their job, education and family, in advance cases, some even go ahead to commit suicide. Mind you brothers/sisters you need not to go through all these, once you get a hang of your emotions, you can walk through all this and enjoy your single life before venturing into other healthy and meaningful relationship.

On This Post we will be sharing with you some of the ways you can cope with divorce, heartbreak, betrayal and a failed relationship. now let’s start discussing them one after the other.

Do Not Spy Nor Monitor Your Ex-Lover:

this is where most of us get it wrong, don’t made that mistake of monitoring your EX-Lover’s Life, You should realize that doing this is like reopening a healing wound. just imagine visiting your ex’s social media handles and see them happy with someone else in a picture? do you imagine how hurt you would be? so to avoid this you had better stay off and face your own life.

Surround Yourself With Positive People

When recovering from a heart break, this is the best time to surround yourself with positive people, friends family and love ones. chances are that you may want to isolate yourself, the truth is, if you do this depression might kick in and when this happen, you will be at the mercy of your emotions. please my brothers/sisters be guided.

Treat Yourself:

Yes i mean treat yourself, if you did not take good care of yourself you might fall sick, it is possible you are not getting enough sleep.

Research shows that relationship break up weaken the heart and the body system, treat yourself, eat a healthy meals, get enough sleep and exercise yourself regularly. this help to keep you physically and mentally sound and active.

Make a new hairstyle, get beautiful, fancy and flattering dresses for yourself, you can as well go for shopping if you can afford it at that time.

Move Past The Brooding Stage

Do not dwell in the past hoping that things would get better, my dear believe me your ex is not going to get back to you and the earlier you accept this the earlier you accept to live a happy and healthy life. staying up and hoping your ex will get back to you is only going to demoralize you further.

You Should work towards erasing as much as you can about them, Do not call or text, do away with things that remind you of them such as pictures and gifts.

Get A Diversion

I think at this point in human’s life is the best to get a diversion, this is the time to indulge yourself a little, All the activity you love to do but you never had the time to do them because of your ex is what you should be doing now.

Enjoy Your Single Life

Believe it or not, Being single can be quiet enjoyable, it’s better being a single than to be in a loveless relationship. think of those things you sacrifice to be with your ex, and think of the ones you love doing on your can go for swimming, shopping, mall a etc.

In Conclusion Consider Dating Again

Remember to never fall in love out of the rebound. You do not have to be dramatic or do things to make your ex jealous, Most people do this hoping to get back at them, remember this is no longer about them but you save your heart and take your time.

Thank you very much for reading this article to the end, please do share this among friends and love ones, please leave your opinion on the comment section.

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