How to quickly resize an image or many images at once on a Mac computer, using its default Preview app

The Preview app allows users to easily resize images on a Mac . You can also choose to edit the size of multiple images on your Mac at once.

Here’s what you need to know to resize your photos on a Mac computer.

Whether you want to save room in your saved photos folder, or you just want a social-media friendly picture, resizing photos can help you manage your visual media.

Here’s everything you need to know about resizing photos on a Mac , whether you’re applying it to one photo or many.

In order to start resizing your photos, there are a couple of things you’ll have to do. First, locate the photo or photos on your computer your Finder (the half-toned face icon in your bottom toolbar) is a good starting point.

Select your photo or photos in Finder, or if the photos are on your desktop, drag your mouse to highlight the photo or multiple photos at once.

In either case, here’s what you’ll need to do to continue:

1. Open your photo or photos in Preview by right-clicking and selecting “Open.” In case that isn’t the default app, you’ll need to right-click the photo or photos you’ve selected, then hover over “Open with” followed by “Preview.”

2. Select your photo or photos by highlighting them on the Preview sidebar. If you want to resize multiple photos at once, you’ll have to select all your desired photos by holding down the Command button and clicking each thumbnail you want to edit.

3. In the top toolbar, select “Tools” and then “Adjust size.”

4. Enter your desired specs in the pop-up menu. You can select preset pixel measurements by clicking the dropdown next to “Fit into.”

5. Click “OK.”

6. To save these new dimensions, click on “File” in the top toolbar, and then “Save.”

You’ll be able to adjust your photo by width, height, and resolution of the image.

In order to keep it from morphing strangely, however, make sure that the “Scale proportionally” box is ticked. Be aware that ticking that box means you can only dictate the measurement for either length or height the other one will be determined automatically to keep the picture’s original proportions.

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