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How to pronounce aetna


Jan 29, 2024
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How do you pronounce Atena?

How do you pronounce the word Aetna?

Do you spell Aetna insurance?

* Aetna is the brand name used for products and services provided by one or more of the Aetna group of subsidiary companies. Health insurance plans are underwritten and/or administered by Aetna Life Insurance Company (Aetna).

What does the word Aetna mean?

Aetna (Ancient Greek: Αἴτνη Aἴtnē) was in Greek and Roman mythology a Sicilian nymph and, according to Alcimus, a daughter of Uranus and Gaia or of Briareus. Mount Aetna in Sicily was believed to have derived its name from her and under it Zeus buried Typhon, Enceladus, or Briareus.

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