How To Permanently Delete Your Whatsapp Account 2023

Have you gotten fed up of your whatsapp account?, and you’re thinking of a way in which you can go through to permanently delete your whatsapp account?. Okay chill!!!, here in this article, we will show you some process ( safe and easy way) you can go through to permanently have your whatsapp account deleted.

Why not check what whatsapp is?

Whatsapp is a chat app or simply a messaging app that uses secure encryption to keep your chat, phone calls and video calls private which works on ios, android and also on computers.

Now that you have known what whatsapp is about in short and you still wish to delete your account permanently because you need a break from messaging or because whatsapp had a similar data sharing policy with facebook back in 2016, and you don’t want to share data with facebook, you should have your account permanently deleted then.

okay! let us show you how you can permanently delete your whatsapp account.

How to delete your whatsapp account?. 

     1.   Open your whatsapp app from your app drawer or from your home screen on your ios or android.

2.  Check the top right corner and tap on the three vertical dots.

3.  There will be a drop-down menu (new group, new broadcast , whatsapp web , starred messages, settings) tap on settings.

4.   Tap on account.

5.   Click or tap on delete my account.

6.   You will see change number or delete my account . Enter your phone number just in the space provided above delete my account.

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7.   Tap on delete my account

8.   Whatsapp will ask you a reason as to why you’re deleting your account . Provide a good reason for deleting your account permanently.

9.   Tap delete my account.

10.   For the final time, tap delete my account and your account will be permanently deleted.

When you finally delete your whatsapp, your messages will be erased from history , you will be deleted from all your whatsapp group, delete your google drive backup, detach your phone number from your account , delete your number from your friends whatsapp contact list.

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