How to open bird cages in ancient evil

How do you free the Eagles in ancient evil?

Free the Eagles

Shooting the cage will drop it and also spawn a Gegenees. Defeat it and then travel to Cliff Ruins. Survive the skeletons here and then shoot the door of all the cages with a specialist weapon. This will free the eagles, leaving but one more step for Pack-a-Punch in this new Black Ops 4 map.

How do you ride the Pegasus in ancient evil?

How do you unlock pack-a-punch in ancient evil?

In order to unlock Pack-a-Punch, you must first gain the ability to ride Pegasus to other areas of the map. Start by activating the Sentinel Artifact in the Amphitheater. This spawns a swarm of enemies you must endure until Pegasus comes to eliminate the rest.

How do you do the ancient evil Easter egg?

Can you beat ancient evil?

The main Easter egg of Ancient Evil leads to a secret final boss encounter, and an ending cinematic. To complete it, you‘ll need to play online in Standard Mode — you cannot use mutators.

How do you finish ancient evil?

Where do I build the shield in ancient evil?

To build it, you’ll need to find three parts — the strap, the shield, and the spear. The Strap is found on the Upper Road, on the small bridge’s wall, near the statues. It can also spawn on the rocks at the source of the creek, under the bridge. The Shield part is dropped by the six-armed boss monster.

Where is the hammer in ancient evil?

The Hammer can be found near these bones in Python Pass. Or close by on this torch. Or by the Eagle cage location from the Pack-a-Punch process near the Titan wallbuy. The Anvil can be found to the left of the big snake in Cliff Ruins.

How do you get the reward in ancient evil?

How do you free the birds in ancient evil?

To free the birds, use your Ultimate special weapon [R1+L1] to break the glowing cage door. Break both doors, and the birds will fly to the Center of the World area. Wait at the Center of the World area, and the birds will attack the giant red crystal.

How do you get the gauntlets in ancient evil?

How do you get all the gauntlets in ancient evil?

Where is the Wheel of water ancient evil?

Dormant Hands

Workbench of HephaestusIn the forge room on a table
Wheel of WaterLeft of the fire in the forge room
Where the Serpent snared the eagleLeft of the cage in the Cliff Side
Steps of Flesh and BoneNear the Charon shrine

How do I upgrade my hands in ancient evil?

How do you get God’s hand in ancient evil?

Does ancient evil have a wonder weapon?

The resident Wonder Weapons of Ancient Evil are the ‘God’ Hands — four elemental weapons you can unlock by completing rituals.

How do you get the hand of hemera?

Deposit your Dormant Hand into the statue and you’ll begin a little ritual. It will require you to eliminate roughly 10 zombies that are glowing yellow in the chest, all the while you are required to stay within the glowing circle. After all 10 have been killed, you will be able to pick up the Hand of Hemera.

How do you upgrade fallen in hand of ouranos?

How to open bird cages in ancient evil

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