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How to have a better relationship



What are the 5 most important things in a relationship?

If you want to be that #relationshipgoals couple, here are 5 essentials for having a healthy relationship.

  1. Communication. You’ve definitely heard the very cliché “communication is key.” But here’s the thing – it’s a cliché for a reason.
  2. Respect.
  3. Boundaries.
  4. Trust.
  5. Support.

How do you strengthen a weak relationship?

Have regular meaningful conversations.

Keep the lines of communication open. Stay up-to-date; people and situations are always changing, even subtly. Make time to discuss crucial issues that affect you both. Honor your partner’s personal feelings.

How do you rebuild a broken relationship?

Rebuilding trust when you’ve hurt someone

  1. Consider why you did it. Before you embark on the process of rebuilding trust, you’ll first want to check in with yourself to understand why you did it.
  2. Apologize sincerely.
  3. Give your partner time.
  4. Let their needs guide you.
  5. Commit to clear communication.

How can I improve my relationship with my boyfriend?

8 Ways to Strengthen Your Relationship

  1. Be Friends. Any healthy relationship must be based on a solid underlying friendship.
  2. Stay Connected. “Couples need to spend a lot of time with each other,” advises David Kaplan, Ph.
  3. Get Physical.
  4. Celebrate Each Other.
  5. Fight Well.
  6. Take a Class.
  7. Listen Carefully.
  8. Maintain Your Sense of Self.

What is toxic relationship?

By definition, a toxic relationship is a relationship characterized by behaviors on the part of the toxic partner that are emotionally and, not infrequently, physically damaging to their partner.

What are the 4 types of relationships?

An interpersonal relationship refers to the association, connection, interaction and bond between two or more people. There are many different types of relationships. This section focuses on four types of relationships: Family relationships, Friendships, Acquaintanceships and Romantic relationships.

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How do you build love?

Here are four key habits to help build love that lasts.

  1. Harmonious passion.
  2. Cultivating positive emotions.
  3. Savoring the good times.
  4. Knowing and building on your character strengths.

How do you build a deeper relationship?

But we can promise that none of these tips will hurt, and they could even make your relationships stronger.

  1. Accept imperfection.
  2. Show up.
  3. Make some space for solitude.
  4. Identify whether you’re a giver, taker or matcher.
  5. Give up on old grudges and outdated beliefs.
  6. Talk through your differences.
  7. Share something new.

What are the pillars of a relationship?

Good relationships are built on mutual respect, love, and friendship between equals. The lesson here also isn’t to pretend like your relationship doesn’t have issues. Rather, it’s a lot easier to fix those problems when you appreciate how much of your relationship is already going well.

What are the three C’s in a healthy relationship?

Relationships are made on stronger connect and bonds however their foundations are laid on three important virtues that hold the most prevalence in a relationship – communication, compromise and commitment.

What are the three pillars of love?

In the context of interpersonal relationships, “the three components of love, according to the triangular theory, are an intimacy component, a passion component, and a decision/commitment component.”

What are the four pillars of love?

Ed. A healthy relationship is based on four words: love, commitment, obligation, and responsibility. Before one can enter into a healthy relationship, one must first know themselves, acknowledge and recognize their patterns, and consciously override the impulse to connect with someone who sets off red flags.

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What is the difference between intimacy and passion?

Intimacy refers to feelings of closeness, connectedness, and bondedness in loving relationships. Passion refers to the drives that lead to romance, physical attraction, sexual consummation, and related phenomena in loving relationships.

What are the cornerstones of a good relationship?

The Four Cornerstones for Building a Good Relationship

  • Commitment– an unwavering allegiance to a relationship and a partner.
  • The second cornerstone for building a good relationship is trust.
  • The third cornerstone is support.
  • The fourth cornerstone is fidelity.

What pillar means?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1a : a firm upright support for a superstructure : post entry 1. b : a usually ornamental column or shaft especially : one standing alone for a monument. 2a : a supporting, integral, or upstanding member or part a pillar of society.

What is the main pillar of a house called?

The term column applies especially to a large round support (the shaft of the column) with a capital and a base or pedestal, which is made of stone, or appearing to be so. A small wooden or metal support is typically called a post, and supports with a rectangular or other non-round section are usually called piers.

What is a pillar of strength?

: someone or something that gives support or help during difficult times My husband was my/a pillar of strength during my mother’s illness.

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How to Take and Create Votting Quiz Online




Vote For Star – Create and Vote for the most popular

Take one of our many fun and exciting quizzes where you can vote for star, from the most popular from icons like Adidas vs Nike, Coca-Cola vs Pepsi, Tim…

Vote for star is a fun website that allows you to vote and you can create vote quiz for your favorite star, brand, company, thing, and more with just one click.

vote for star | Vote for the most popular

What is it?

Vote for star is an amazing website that provides you with free quizzes in order to vote for your favorite star, movie, brand, game and more of other options, you can spend your free time playing different quizzes or you can invite your friends to join you to see who is the most wanted at the end.

Nothing is more fun than visiting vote for star and spends your time picking between cinema, TV series, and others.

How can I use it?

Using this website is so easy; all you have to do is to sign in or to sing up and choose one of the quizzes underneath, you will find different options such as:

Which is the most powerful social media, Facebook VS Instagram, Texting or voice call etc.…

The second way is searching for your favorite quiz by typing a keyword of the type of quiz that you are looking for and it will appear on your screen in a second.

For example: if you type the word ‘love‘ , various quizzes related to this topic will show up on the display.

Using this website is so simple and practical; you will have a great time answering and choosing your favorite star.

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The good thing about vote for star is that you can play as much as you want, there are lots of free quizzes and polls to vote and you create unlimited voting quiz to compare your favorite stars with other, your favorite brands with other, your favorite companies with other, and your favorite things with other.

How can quizzes improve your mental health?

Being mentally healthy is more than just having no mental illness. A person can live with a mental disorder and still experience mental well-being that results in a balanced and satisfying life.

Like being in good physical health, being in good mental health makes you feel good about yourself. It also allows you to enjoy the joys of life, to thrive and to try new things.

Maintaining good mental health is also one of the best ways to prepare for the difficult times in life, personally or professionally.

A lot of research finds out that playing quizzes help to improve your mental health in many ways such as riding off the stress, positive distraction from life problems, making special time for yourself, and more.

Moreover, this makes Vote for star website the best place to take a break from the serious life outside your room and start making your own confront zone.

Can I create my own vote for star quiz to share with my friend and family?

Yes, you can create your own vote quiz to compare your favorite stars, brands, company, and your favorite things. To create an account you can:

  • Go to vote for star click on the sign up button
  • Fill out the register form
  • And click the SIGN UP button
  • Login Into your account using your user name and password
Sign In-voteforstar
  • Once you are login into your account on the dashboard to your left, you will see this menu
  • To create new vote quiz to share with your friend and family, click on create Vote, to be able to create your vote quiz, fill out all the require information like images and text for example upload 1st image 1:1 ratio it the size for 400×400 and the 2nd image too with the same size and enter the name for each images, for the feature image, the ratio is 16:9 that will the size 1600×800, final step fil out the Title (title example: Real vs Fake) and the Description, then click on Create Vote button. All the vote are manually review and approve buy the admin just to avoid inappropriate content like (porn images or any other image and text that goes against our policy). Check the image below to see a great example of vote.
  • To vote for star for your favorite stars, brands, companies, things, and more on your dashboard click the View Website button you will be redirecting to the home page of vote for star and click on any vote quiz and start voting.
  • Click on any vote quiz
  • As you can see, I click on Adele vs Sia to vote for one of them. Note: You can vote for star only once.

To take and create funny vote quiz for your favorite stars, brands, companies, stores, things, knowledge’s and more please visiting vote for star.

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15 easy ways to speed up Windows 10 and Windows 11, from disabling special effects to managing bloated apps




  • To speed up Windows 10 and Windows 11, you should uninstall useless programs, disable special effects, and change your startup settings.
  • The single most effective way to speed up Windows, however, is to use a solid state drive.
  • You should also make sure Windows is fully updated, and that your computer is running at full power.

People sometimes wonder how it was possible for the computer inside of Apollo 11 a computer with less memory than the cheapest Windows PC in use today to reach the moon.

The answer: It didn’t waste any processing power on a fancy interface or unnecessary apps.

You can eke some extra performance out of your own Windows computer by following NASA’s lead. Even the oldest PC can probably benefit from removing bloated programs, clearing out the hard drive, and removing viruses. But of course, the best way to speed up any Windows computer is by upgrading the hardware.

Here are fifteen ways to speed up Windows 10 and Windows 11, most of which you can do without leaving your desk.

Install a solid state drive

SSDs like this one are often much smaller than hard drives.

SSDs like this one are often much smaller than hard drives.

You might need to leave your desk for this one, though.

The single best way to speed up any older Windows computer and any device that still uses a traditional hard disk drive is to install a solid state drive, or SSD for short.

An SSD will allow Windows to boot several times faster, and programs to start in a fraction of the time. And since it has no moving parts, it usually lasts for longer than your average hard disk drive. Adding an SSD can even make a bigger difference than upgrading to a computer with a faster processor.

Depending on what kind of computer you have, and whether it’s a desktop or laptop, you might be able to install the SSD yourself. Otherwise, a computer repair shop can almost certainly do it for you.

Disable apps that run at startup

If your computer takes ages to turn on, chances are that you have too many apps set to open at startup. All these apps compete with each other and your PC’s essential features for processing power, which can slow things to a crawl or even make the computer crash.

To configure which apps get to open at startup, right-click the Windows icon in your taskbar and select Task Manager, then click Startup at the top of the window. You’ll get a list of every app that has permission to start alongside your computer, and a rating of how much power they take up.

When you find a program that you don’t want to open at startup, just right-click it and select Disable.

Quick tip: If you open Task Manager but don’t see the Startup option, click the More details option in the bottom-left corner first.

Uninstall bloatware and other useless programs

When you buy a computer from the store, either online or in-person, it usually comes with a suite of third-party apps already installed. Most of these apps are what’s known as “bloatware” useless programs that run in the background, hogging your computer’s power.

And as you use your computer over the years, chances are that you’ll install one or two programs that you don’t end up needing in the long run.

In both cases, you should occasionally take a few minutes to go through your PC’s apps and uninstall the ones you don’t want or need anymore.

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To do this, open the Settings app on your computer and click Apps, and then Apps & features. You’ll get a list of all your apps.

In Windows 10, click an app’s name and then Uninstall. In Windows 11, click the three dots to the right of the app’s name, and then Uninstall. If the Uninstall button is grayed out, it usually means the program is built into Windows and can’t be removed.

Select an app you don't want and click Uninstall. You might need to confirm your choice,

Select an app you don’t want and click “Uninstall.” You might need to confirm your choice,

For more details, check out our article onhow to properly uninstall programs in Windows.

Close apps that you’re not using

Multitasking is great, and most modern computers can run multiple apps at once without any issues. But if you’re running several high-impact apps at the same time maybe Google Chrome, Zoom, and Adobe Photoshop it can put a strain on the processor.

If you’re looking to make your PC as fast as it can be, close apps when you’re not using them, and avoid running too many big apps at once. This might mean you can’t multitask as effectively as you like, but it’ll help you avoid freezes and crashes.

Most apps will close when you click the X button in the top-right. But some apps, like Spotify and Discord, stay open even when all their windows are closed. In these cases, you can close them by clicking the upwards-pointing arrow at the end of your taskbar, or by opening the Task Manager.

Disable Windows’ special effects

Windows is a prettier operating system than its predecessors, largely due to its special effects. These include small animations when you minimize or maximize a window, keeping the taskbar transparent, and more. They’re subtle, but make the OS look much smoother.

Unfortunately, they can also take up more power than they’re worth. Luckily, both Windows 10 and Windows 11 let you disable them.

Open the Settings app and click System, then scroll down to select About. Click the Advanced system settings option. In the new window that appears, find the Performance box and click Settings…

A menu will open that lets you pick which special effects and animations you want, and which ones should be turned off. You can also use the preset buttons at the top to quickly adjust for the best performance.

You can pick and choose effects, or just disable them all.

You can pick and choose effects, or just disable them all.

Turn off window transparency

On a similar note, you might have noticed that some menus in Windows are transparent. Open the Start menu, for example, and you should see a faint, blurred impression of whatever lies behind it.

If you don’t want to sacrifice speed for such a small effect, you can turn it off entirely (and probably not notice the difference).

Open Settings and click Personalization, and then Colors. You’ll find a small switch titled Transparency effects that you can use to turn the feature on or off.

Turn off Game Mode

If you play games on your computer, Game Mode can be both a blessing and a curse. This setting detects when you have a game open, and will reroute processing power to help the game run as smoothly as possible.

When you’re only focusing on the game, this isn’t bad. But if you’re trying to run another app alongside the game, or if you’re playing a game that runs in the background (like an idle clicker), Game Mode can cost you speed for no reason.

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You can turn Game Mode on or off by opening the Settings app, clicking Gaming, and then Game Mode.

Keep Windows updated

Updates can be annoying, we know. If you’re working on an important project, racing against a deadline, you don’t want to be told to restart your computer.

But keeping your PC up-to-date is incredibly important. These patches include fixes and updates for your computer’s security and performance, which will help your PC stay speedy.

You can check to see if there are any updates waiting for you by opening the Settings app and clicking Update & Security (Windows 10) or Windows Update (11). The menu will check for any pending updates, and download them if they’re available.

The page will check for updates and let you install them.

The page will check for updates and let you install them.

Check your internet connection

As time goes on, more apps and more parts of your PC depend on the internet to work. This means that if you have a shoddy internet connection, these apps and features will run slower. In some cases, they might not work at all.

Check your internet speed and see if it matches what you’re paying for. If it’s not, it means that either there’s an issue with your internet router or your ISP is cheating you. Reset the router and contact your ISP for help.

And if it’s possible, connect your computer to the internet using an ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi. Ethernet connections are far faster and more stable, meaning that you shouldn’t have to worry about drops in internet speed.

Delete any viruses

You don’t hear about computer viruses as often as you used to these days. But malware, spyware, and other kinds of malicious software are still lurking out there, waiting for a computer to land on. And while we usually associate viruses with catastrophic computer failures, some viruses are more subtle.

Instead of deleting your data, these viruses will just sit on your device and steal processing power (often to mine for bitcoin). This means that even a couple of infected files can lead to a much slower computer.

Modern Windows users are lucky, because both Windows 10 and Windows 11 come pre-installed with Windows Defender. Defender is one of the best anti-virus programs on the market, and should catch the overwhelming majority of viruses before they ever have a chance to reach you. This is in addition to the anti-virus features built into apps like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

Still, it never hurts to check. You can actively scan for viruses by opening the Windows Security app on your PC, clicking Virus & threat protection, and selecting Quick scan. And while Windows Defender is very good, there’s never any harm in double-checking your system using a third-party app like Malwarebytes.

Run your computer at full power

If you’re on a laptop, your computer might not be running at full speed. Nearly every Windows laptop offers “power plans” that make your computer run slower in exchange for longer battery life.

To check your power plan, right-click the battery icon in your taskbar and select Power Options (Windows 10) or Power and sleep settings (Windows 11). On the page that opens, you’ll find settings to change how much power your laptop uses.

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You'll want to pick the option that gives you the best performance.

You’ll want to pick the option that gives you the best performance.

Clean up your disk

Both versions of Windows come with a program called Disk Cleanup. This app isn’t very pretty, but it’s a fantastic and quick way to get rid of junk files that your computer doesn’t need. This includes temporary internet files, old error reports, and more. Unless you’re really hurting for space, this probably won’t make too much of a difference, but it’s worth trying.

To find this feature, just search your computer for Disk Cleanup and open it when it appears in the results. Check off all the types of data that you want to delete, then click OK.

You can also set Windows to run this process automatically when you’re low on space. Open the Settings app and click System, then Storage, and turn on the Storage Sense feature.

Defrag the hard disk

Similarly, if you use your computer a lot, you should occasionally defragment your hard drive. This process organizes your hard disk, storing files closer together so it doesn’t take as long to fetch them.

Just note that this will only work if you have a hard disk drive (HDD). If you’re using a solid state drive, there’s no point in defragmenting it, since it can’t be fragmented in the first place.

To defragment your hard drive, search your computer for “defrag” and open the Defragment and Optimize Drives app when it appears. Select the hard drive that you want to fix, and then click Optimize.

Clean your computer

If your fans get too dusty, the entire computer can suffer.

If your fans get too dusty, the entire computer can suffer.

We mean “clean” in the literal sense this time. Like any object that sits in one place for a long time, your computer gathers loads of dust and dirt. This is especially true if you have a desktop, and keep the computer tower against a wall or under your desk.

When too much dirt builds up inside the computer, it becomes harder for Windows to run. This isn’t only because the parts can get damaged, but also because it can block up the fans and cause the system to overheat.

Occasionally at least once a year you should take time to clean your computer. This might mean opening up the case and blowing out the dust with a can of compressed air. If you don’t feel confident opening the computer on your own, take it to a computer repair shop. They’ll clean your PC safely, and can even repair any broken parts they find inside.

Restart your computer

This might sound ridiculous after all the technical advice we gave above, but trust us: Turning your computer off and then back on again can fix a lot of issues.

Modern PCs are designed to stay on 24/7, but you should still consider restarting your computer occasionally. You’d be surprised at how fast a PC can get when it’s just given a moment to refresh.

And if restarting doesn’t do anything, and none of the other options we suggested have worked, you can go a step further by restoring or resetting Windows. Fully resetting the PC will reinstall Windows and totally clear out any damaged files.

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How to sync your iPhone and iPad with your email, photos, text messages, and more




You can sync your iPhone and iPad with iCloud and a feature called Continuity, which can keep your apps like Messages and Photos synced across iOS devices.

  • By adding the same Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft Exchange, or IMAP email accounts to both devices, your email will stay in sync as well.
  • You can use any productivity suite with cloud storage like iWork, Google Docs , and Microsoft Office to keep all of your documents in sync between iPad and iPhone, too.

If you own more than one iOS device such as an iPhone and an iPad It doesn’t take long to recognize the value in having access to all the same information on all of your devices. Whether you currently have your iPhone or iPad in your hands, for example, it’s convenient to have the same email, photos, text messages, and more across devices.

The bad news is that there’s no single switch you can throw that keeps your iOS devices perfectly in sync all the time. But the good news is that you can keep a lot of your iOS information in sync between your devices using iCloud and an iOS feature called Continuity .

In fact, because documents and data stay in sync more or less continuously and immediately, you can even start working on something on one device and continue it on the other.

You can read and respond to the same email messages on your iPad and iPhone , by using iCloud, Exchange, IMAP, or a web-based email account like Gmail. The vast majority of all email accounts fall into these categories, so don’t worry too much about not having the right setup.

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1. On your iPhone or iPad, open the Settings app.

2. Tap “Passwords and Accounts,” and then tap “Add Account.”

3. Add an email account and make sure it’s properly configured with your username and password.

4. After it’s configured, add the same account on your other device.

iPhone Passwords and Accounts

iPhone Passwords and Accounts

Yes, you do need to add the accounts manually, but once configured, these accounts will always stay perfectly in sync between the two devices. Note that this won’t work for a POP account, though, because in a POP account, all messages are stored locally and iOS can’t keep the two devices in sync.

If you back up your photos to iCloud, any photo you take on your iPhone will automatically appear on your iPad ‘s Camera Roll (and vice-versa).

1. Open Settings on your iPad.

2. Tap your Apple ID at the top of the screen.

3. Tap “iCloud” and then tap “Photos.”

iCloud Storage Screen

iCloud Storage Screen

4. On the Photos page, turn on iCloud Photos.

5. Repeat these steps on your iPhone.

After these steps, when you take a picture with the camera on one device, it’s immediately uploaded to iCloud and then downloaded to the camera roll on your other device. Beware: deleting the image on either device deletes it on both.

1. Open Settings on your iPhone.

2. Tap “Messages,” and then tap “Text Message Forwarding.”

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iPhone Turning On Text Message Forwarding

iPhone Turning On Text Message Forwarding

3. Find your iPad in the list of devices (it is probably the only one) and turn it on.

4. A verification code might appear on your iPad. If so, enter the number you see on the iPhone.

Now, all of your text messages will remain in sync between the two devices.

If you’ve ever wished you could copy text that appears on your iPad and paste it into an app on your iPhone , wish no longer now both of your devices can share a common clipboard for seamless copy and pasting.

To enable this feature, you only need to turn on a feature called Handoff. To do that, start with your iPhone and open Settings. Choose “General.” Then tap “Handoff” and turn it on. Repeat that on your iPad . After Handoff is turned on, you can copy text on one device and it’s immediately available to be pasted on the other device.

If you turn on Handoff and let your apps use iCloud, your iPhone and iPad will behave as if they are in sync in many ways. You can also keep documents like text docs and spreadsheets in sync as well.

If you use Apple’s iWork suite (which includes Pages, Numbers, and Keynote), any documents you create are automatically saved to iCloud. That means you can access these docs on both your iPhone and iPad, regardless of which device you created or edited it on.

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If you prefer, you can use Google Docs or Microsoft Office. Both of these suites save files to the cloud ( Google saves to Google Drive, and Office saves to OneDrive). That means all these files are always “in sync” between your iOS devices.

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