Natural Ways To Grow Your Buttocks (Hip) Bigger Without Surgery.

If your butty is not big enough, you are probably looking for a way to make it bigger. You will be surprised, but you can achieve this by wearing the right clothes , exercises and eating proper food. How to make your buttocks bigger without surgery? It is possible if you follow the following steps.

If you are interested in how to make butty bigger without surgery, then you should understand that it is not so easy to fulfill but it Worth it. It is almost impossible to do this without special exercises. It will take at least 6-8 months.

Today we will talk about how to increase the volume of the buttocks through exercise, we will tell you about some tricks that will visually make your buttocks bigger.


Get calories from clean sources to avoiding gaining additional weight. Thus, it is best to take calories from the clean sources. Augmenting your hip size is not an excuse for eating non-healthy foods. Consume foods which are packed with nutrition such as veggies, lean meats, fruits, low fat dairy items and whole grains. Seeds and nuts can also be excellent for your overall nutrition.



Do a few free squats as this helps in working out your hips, hamstring and thighs. For best results, it is better if you use dumbbells for adding extra resistance. Do these 10 to 12 repetitions with 3 to 4 sets. Incorporating the squat with the isometric ball squeeze can be excellent for the hips. Place the stability ball against the wall and stand in the back with your right side facing. Extend your right leg and put your outer side against the ball. You should then apply the force and hold for 30 seconds. Then do the exercise on the left side. Repeat it for 4 to 6 repetitions.

Donkey Kick One exercise that can help contribute to widening your hips and enlarging your butt is the donkey kick. For performing a donkey kick:

Get on all fours with knees together.• Keep the legs in the same position by lifting it back until your thigh comes parallel to the ground while your buttocks are squeezed. For a harder and more effective workout try to add ankle weights. Repeat this for 12 to 20 times. Then repeat this on the other leg. This equals to one Rep. Repeat it for two more reps.

Stair Climbing

• With a weighted backpack, walk up and down the stairs. Make sure that the back of your foot touches the surface completely.

Choose your reps according to your fitness level, If stair climbing is not an option, try stepping up on a stool or chair…Repeat several times

Combined together with proper nutritional regimen will earn you instant results.


Adjust your posture. Stand with your back straight, shoulders dropped and back and your weight on one leg, hips thrust out. This creates an S-shaped curve in the body. Place your hands on your hips with thumbs facing forward and fingers pointed back behind you.
To create this S-curve when you’re sitting, simply cross your legs or put your weight onto one hip.

Swing it, sister. Swinging your hips when you walk draws attention to this area and gives out a feminine vibe that can’t help but draw a little male attention. Keep your back straight and pull your shoulders down and back. Relax your body. Put one foot in front of the other as you walk and let your arms swing naturally. You can emphasize the swing in your hips a bit as you walk, but don’t overdo it. If it’s too highly exaggerated, it could come off looking comical.
To enhance the effect, put on a pair of heels. Heels cause your hips to sway without you having to force the movement.


Pick the right jeans
A well-matched pair of jeans can visually change your butty. It becomes round and raised. The next time when you will choose jeans, remember the following:

Jeans should sit tight. Baggy trousers “drown” your curves, so, they cannot be seen under the excess fabric. Skinny jeans or stretchy ones are perfect for showing off your buttocks. If you are not very comfortable in them, pick up jeans that just sit well in the back.
Pay attention to the location of the pockets. Small high pockets on the butty will visually enlarge it. Besides, pockets with decorations such as sparkles, seams or colored threads, create interest and attract the eye to your butty. Do not wear jeans with too big pockets or no pockets at all.
Try jeans with high waist. The top of jeans should fit your waist in the narrowest place so that it will look thin, and the butty will seem bigger.

Jeans with a low waist (sitting on the hips in the widest part) with a close-fitting shirt also visually increase the size of the buttocks.
Do not wear dark jeans in which the buttocks and legs will look smaller (especially if you are wearing a light top). Instead, try white, pastel or light blue jeans.


Try modeling underwear, which immediately makes the butty bigger without sides or buy special pads designed to add the volume to the hips visually when you are wearing jeans or trousers. These are effective tools that will instantly make your buttocks more attractive. Choose the size that best suits your clothing and the image you want to achieve.

Some jeans are even originally sold with stitched sides.

Try to make the sides by your own hands, using foam filler or material for stuffing pillows and blankets.


Sit on your butt. You can get bigger hips (and a larger derriere) by simply sitting. According to a study published in the journal Cell Physiology, researchers determined that the pressure placed on the buttocks and hips from too much sitting can generate significant fat build-up in those areas. Cells respond to their environment. As one researcher explained, fat cells that are compressed by extended periods of sitting “produce more triglycerides (the major form of fat stored in the body), and at a faster rate.

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